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Last e-mail from MTC

Kamusta Pamilya!!

Another week has rolled by, and soon I will be a a plane going to the Philippines! It is so crazy to think about that. I don’t know if I told you already but my flight leaves SLC at 8.. I will leave the MTC around 4 in the afternoon. It turns out that I am going to be the travel leader. There aren’t any elders flying in my group so I am in charge of the group. There are only three of us so it isn’t such a big deal anyways. We will fly to LA then have a two hour layover (maybe 3 hours) then we will be flying straight to Manila. I don’t have any other flight information so I’m not sure how long I will be staying in Manila but we will arrive there 3:45 in the morning their time and I know that we will for sure be staying the night there. It is all very exciting.

Two days ago I was sick but I am all better now. I did miss one class but it turns out that my teacher was just doing progressive investigator so they didn’t learn anything. (PI is when each companionship teaches him while he is pretending to be an investigator.)

I have memorized Joseph Smith’s first vision in Ilonggo. It wasn’t very hard because I know most of the words.. it was just getting the sentence structure down. I am now working on the articles of faith. That will keep me busy on the plane.

I have been able to see two girls that were on the rugby team with me. Kayla Richardson who is going to Spokane, Washington, and Kelly Briggs who is going to Portugual.  We all leave in the same building so we ahve been able to get together once and talk.

In TRC last thursday I randomly decided to sing a hymn to start off the lesson. I chose to sing “I need thee every hour” (in Hiligaynon of course) and while we sang that song, the volunteer who we were teaching started to cry because it reminded her of her first area while she was on her mission. She told us how this song helped her when she was struggling with the language and all that. It was a cool experience.

Today I got a haircut. We did nothing to celebrate Pioneer day. sad story.

Tomorrow will just be in-field orientation all day and Saturday will be the last day of classes. then it is sunday then I head out to the Philippines!! It is crazy.. I know it will come so fast.

Palangga ko kamo,

Sister Jensen