12 August, 2013

12 August 2013

My area continues to need a lot of work and my companion and I are doing all that we can do to fulfill our purpose here. We don’t see our efforts have much success but we understand that the seeds that we plant each day may one day help people in our area. A couple of days ago all of our appointments fell through because no one was home or they just didn’t want us to teach them that day so my companion gave me the opportunity to lead where we would go and who we would talk to. It turned out to be a great experience.. I was actually opening my mouth and talking to people. The first couple of people didn’t really respond to us and nothing much was happening and then my companion said that we only had time for one more. So we walked a little further down a street and I decided that we needed to cross the street and talk to the man that was just sitting outside. He allowed us to share a message with him and soon a lot of his family came out and started listening to what we were saying as well. His cousin was getting really interested and would ask us questions. We set up a return appointment for the next day. We went to his house only to find that he was in the hospital so we weren’t able to teach him again this week. But yesterday his cousin was outside while we were walking down the street and she called us over and wanted us to teach her. We shared a message with her and then I taught her how to pray then asked her to pray. She said a very beautiful prayer and it was very exciting to listen to her pray. she told us that she has never prayed like that before. We invited her to go to church and she said that she would… she even asked if she could have our phone number! It was great. After we taught her and left, my companion turned to me and said that she doesn’t live in our area. (she just lives on the wrong side of the street) so we have to refer her to the other missionaries. I was very sad to hear this because I thought that I would be able to see her grow from the beginning to watch her maybe be baptized. She did come to church yesterday and I was so happy that she did. She said that she felt good feelings while she was there. I am a little disappointed that the other missionaries get to teach her now but I guess I am just not the one to teach her.

The other day we were doing some finding by going from house to house and at one of the houses there were hundreds of big red ants. they ¬†immediately started crawling all over me and biting me… it hurt so bad but the worst part was I was jumping around and slapping at my legs while my companion was talking to the lady. Both of them just standing there having their conversation about what missionaries are. I felt bad that I wasn’t standing still and listening intently to the conversation… and I don’t know why I was the only one with the problem. Haha

This week I we attended a funeral. The family and bishop just shared some remarks and then they fed us a snack. A snack here is noodles (so like spaghetti or top roman type stuff) They fed us Zopas… a noodle recipe.. and mayonnaise sandwiches. It was very interesting to attend this event and see how everything turned out.

It continues to be a challenge to find people to teach and meet with the less active members. It seems that no one has the desire to hear the gospel but we continue to work hard to improve our area. There are many people here who have problems with the word of wisdom. A lot of the men drink and smoke even the husbands to many of the active members. We strive to keep a positive attitude and continue to seek for those who have the desire to hear our message. Going from door to door is not productive at all and we ask people for referrals but we never receive any. This area is very challenging to work in but I am learning and growing so much.

My normal routine is getting up at 6:30 prepare for the day then have studies and lunch from 8-1. We go out from 1-8 and are back home between 8 and 8:30. I never go to the bathroom while we are out working.. I hold it until we get home if I ever need to go. On P days we go to the markets and buy our fruit, meats, and some other food there and then go to a grocery store/mall type place for the rest of our food. The mangoes that I bought last week were so delicious.. the mangoes just melt in your mouth. We go to an internet cafe to send emails. And then return home to do our laundry by hand. I am not quick at doing laundry at all… last week it took me a couple of hours to do it because I am still learning. But my clothes didn’t smell bad so I guess I did something right. Our P days go by way too fast.

I have been blessed to have two other housemates who are Filipino and they love to cook. So everyday they cook us lunch. The other day they cooked us talapia which is fish… and finally had the chance to eat some adobo (chicken) it is so good. This week they told us that we need to learn how to buy and cook the food so this week I will be learning how to make adobo. I am excited.

This coming week there is a lot of stuff to be excited for. We have Zone training tomorrow morning then Zone Conference this week. The president’s wife might come and work with my companion and me! On Sunday we have stake conference. There is a lot to look forward to this week which will make the week go by very fast.

This past Sunday (yesterday) one of the less-active families we visited did come to church which was very exciting for us. This past week we have truly been blessed even though the plans that we make never turn out we always are able to teach at least one other lesson a day.

Palangga ko kamo!!

Sister Jensen


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    First full week in mission field

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