19 August 2013

Kamusta Pamilya,

This past week was very exciting, there was something to look forward to everyday which made the week go by fast. On Tuesday we had Zone Training so I was able to meet all the missionaries in my zone. It is always fun to meet and talk with other missionaries and hear their experiences. I was talking to another sister missionary who has been on her mission for 10 months. She transferred to Kalibo the same day I did and she told me coming to Kalibo was the first time that she has ever been rejected by people. She told me that people are usually willing to listen. When she told me that I was so surprised. On Wednesday we had companionship exchanges so I was able to do missionary work in another area in our zone. It was nice to have a companion who knew and understood the language. She would teach me words and she would always give me a part in all the lessons we taught. One of the families we visited while I was with her was so cute. There are six kids and they were all under the age of 8. One of the boys would just keep on saying “amen, amen” throughout the entire lesson. One of the girls would keep on looking at me and smile so big the her eyes wouldn’t be open. When I asked who wanted to pray they would all raise their hands. It was so great to see a family with that strong desire to sit and listen to us. It was so great. On Thursday we had a district meeting because our district had to put together a workshop for Zone Conference. On Friday we had Zone Conference and it was so great to see President and Sister Aquino again. President Aquino talked to us about the importance of having a good attitude and to set high goals. It was so great to hear and I know I need to develop a deeper love for my area. On Saturday the mission president surprised us (the eight sister missionaries in our zone) by inviting us to dinner on Saturday night with the stake president and his wife as well. On Sunday we had Stake Conference and it was surprisingly all in English. I don’t understand why because none of the people we teach or communicate with understand English. I had the opportunity to be in the stake choir and sing in Stake conference. During stake conference I learned how much responsibility is put on the members here. Our bishop’s wife is a Primary Stake president, seminary and institute teacher, works, and takes care of a family. The second counselor of our Bishopric is also a stake counselor as well. There are so many others who have more than one calling and so it is very hard fr them to fully understand what their calling is and all the responsibilities of their calling because they have so much to deal with. The members in our ward are so strong but they struggle to fill all the positions of the church. Our mission president and his wife also spoke in stake conference and they both talked about the importance of being a missionary… that every member is a missionary. They also expressed the importance of being obedient. It was so great to hear all these great messages. It helped so much and it helped me set some goals on how to help the people in my area.

I am still trying to open my mouth more as we go out and work and to actively listen to what people are saying. It is funny.. many times when I am out, drunk people will come up to me and start talking. And surprisingly I learn more vocabulary and words from them than from anybody else.

This week was the last lesson we got to teach to Lilibeth. We introduced her to the missionaries that are in her area and so we will no longer be teaching her. But she continues to progress and yesterday she did attend Stake Conference. I am sad that we won’t be teaching her anymore because she was always so happy and she had kids that we would teach also and she came to church! At least I will still be able to keep in touch with her.

The weather isn’t so bad. I don’t seem to be hot but when I touch my skin it has clearly been sweating. haha. It’s not the dry season yet so it isn’t burning hot yet.

Palangga ko kamo.

Nahidlaw ko kamo.

Sister Jensen


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