26 August 2013

Kamusta Pamilya!

Well, this past week I ate BALUT!! and surprisingly enough it wasn’t bad at all. What you do is you take the egg, crack open the top, drink the juice, then finish taking off all the shell and then eat the chicken… hair and all. The worst part is the juice. I don’t think I will every buy it but if I needed to, I would eat it again. I wasn’t planning on eating it but the other day I came home and my housemate said she bought one for me and so I couldn’t say no. As far as I can tell I am not sick from the experience so that’s good.

I am going to be honest, this past week has been very challenging. The whole week my companion has been feeling inadequate as a missionary and that she is doing everything wrong.  The other day we had a great lesson, I thought, but she didn’t think so. My housemates have been helping me with the language and I was able to go on companionship exchanges again which helped me get through this week. I got to lead out in my area with the other Sister and we accomplished so much. I decided to go finding in an area that I have never been to before and we found 4 new investigators and got to teach 6 lessons all in one day! While working with her we were able to visit less active families that I had not met before and it just felt like a very productive day. It was a great day and we just worked hard and moved very fast, I was able to talk a lot as well. On a good day with my companion, we are lucky if we get to teach two lessons.

We have a progressing investigator, her name is Sister Flory. I don’t know if I have mentioned her before. We extended a baptismal date to her and she said yes but she doesn’t have a birth certificate and therefore isn’t married so there are a few complications that will take time. I love it when we go and teach Sister Flory. The other day we were teaching her about faith and I asked her how she was feeling and then she just started to cry and said “I understand” she continued to share with us her feelings and I told her it was the holy ghost teaching her and witnessing to her that these things are true. It was a great lesson. I thought it went great, I thought it was the best lesson that we have ever had with her because I actually said what I wanted to say in the lesson and could see how she was changing. She didn’t come to church yesterday though and I think it is because she was sick but i’m not sure. Her mom, who is 102, is also very sick and she is taking care of her so that is another possible reason why she didn’t come to church.

I am excited to continue to visit Sister Flory and to see her testimony grow in the gospel. Even through hard times the Lord is blessing me with something to look forward to that always helps me get through the day. I can truly see His hand in my life.


Sister Jensen


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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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