2 September 2013


Merry Christmas!! Here in the Philippines they start celebrating Christmas in September all the way to December. Nothing really happens though so it doesn’t feel like they have started celebrating it yet. This morning we started off by having a Zone activity so I was able to go to a different part of the island. It is called New Washington and we drove past the beach. It was my first time seeing the beach. Still haven’t walked next to it yet or touched it, but it was nice to finally see it! This past week was great. It started off kind of slow because on Tuesday we were punted all day and Wednesday there was a fiesta so no one wanted to talk to us because they were celebrating with their families and everyone we came in contact with was drunk. However,  between Thursday and Saturday we were able to have a total of 20 lessons and 5 new investigators which is the most success we have ever had. Sister Lewis was telling me that she has never taught that many lessons in one week before. I am seeing the Lord’s hand taking place. On Tuesday we had a district meeting and I was giving the report about our area and I as I was reporting I said that this week our focus was going to be getting investigators to church. It just came out of my mouth. Sister Lewis and I didn’t plan that that would be our focus but I just happened to make it our focus. Our District leader challenged us to have four at church on Sunday and I told him that we would have 6. Sister Lewis was a bit taken back but I told her that we could do it. I told her that we just need to focus on one thing and lose ourselves in working on that one thing. So throughout this past week that is what we focused on. Sister Lewis and I worked hard and in the end the Lord didn’t only help us accomplish that goal but he blessed us by exceeding that goal. We had 7 investigators at church yesterday. In my patriarchal blessing is says that I will be blessed to be organized to set goals and if I work hard the Lord will help me accomplish these goals. It is so true. The Lord is truly in control and he cares about the goals we set. He is also merciful, He blessed me to have more than what I was striving for.

It was Sister Flory’s first time at church yesterday and it went great. She is very sensitive to the spirit which is great. Then a family referred us to other members of their extended family so we are teaching them and they came to church so that is 5 more people. And then Sister Jesel also came to church. She has a baptismal date but this week was her first time coming in a long time and this past week was my second time teaching her so we will probably be extending her date. She was scheduled for this month but she hasn’t been able to meet with us or go to church, and she has to get married first as well. But I think that the family (it is just kids. the mom is LA) that came to church yesterday could get baptized soon. They have taken lessons before and when we teach them they always ask “so when is my baptism”. So hopefully we will be able to work with them more and get them baptized within the next month or so.

Still struggling with the languages. I feel like I am just losing everything I learned at the mtc and that I haven’t learned a lot of new vocabulary while being here. We don’t really have language study which is hard but I know that I will get it. I am learning to be patient with myself and I am going to try a few new techniques this week on learning some vocabulary. I know that I have learned a lot and have been blessed with great housemates who are willing to answer any questions that I have. I still don’t say much in the lessons and when I do it comes out wrong which is why I feel like I am not learning but I am. I know I am and in time it will all just click.

So this past week was great. Most lessons that we have ever taught and 7 investigators at church. This area has improved SOOOOO much in this past few weeks. The Lord is helping us in our work and it is great to see how the area has changed. We went from having only one investigator and no one at church to this. I hope that Sister Lewis and I can keep it up and continue to exercise our faith. The Lord has blessed us so much.

Palangga ko kamo!

Sister Jensen


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