9 September 2013

Kamusta Pamilya,

This past week I was able to go on companionship exchanges again. I got to go to another area and because of that I got to cross a bridge and go to another Island!  I think the island is called Mobal or something like that. Anyway, while we were crossing the bridge on are way back the bridge was on fire! it was just a small one though and we put it out by stomping on it and pouring some water on it. It did damage the bridge a bit but it wasn’t that bad. But the best part of companion exchanges was that I got to visit sister Lilibeth again!! It was great. I miss teaching her. At the end of the lesson she said “when I am active in the church I want to come out and work with you guys so I know what it feels like” and she hasn’t even been taught about baptism yet. She is going to be such a great member. Another cool thing is that at the end of the lesson her sister was coming home from work and she was talking to us and she asked “how do you guys do it,  walking around everywhere.. it is dangerous how are you still alive?” Sister Lilibeth answered the question for us by saying “it is because they represent Christ and He is watching over them”. It was so cool because we didn’t tell her that, she just knew the answer.
I don’t know if I have mentioned the De Filipe family to you before or not but we taught them this week and we taught them how to pray. Sister Lewis asked Brother Philip to pray and he said no and so she said just a simple one and he continued to say no. so then she said ok I’ll say the prayer. When she said that I said no, then I turned to Brother Filipe and asked him to pray and he said yes. He said the closing prayer and it was so powerful. Even though it was simple it was so great to hear him pray for the first time.
I have now lasted one transfer. I look back and can see how this area has progressed. It went from having zero investigators and people to teach to 4 progressing investigators and many new investigators as well. The area is looking a lot better. This past week I also learned that Kalibo means one thousand. It got this name because when the spanish controlled it way back in the day they baptized 1000 people in the same day.
Palangga ko kamo
Sister Jensen
i am now trying to learn tagalog.

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