16 September 2013

Kamusta Pamilya!!

I HAVE A NEW COMPANION! Her name is Sister Orani and she is the best companion ever. She is pinay (filipina) and she has already taught me so much in the past 3 days that we have been together. Before her mission she was a seminary teacher so she is great at teaching the gospel. She is such a great teacher and is helping me improve so much in the language. I have been so eager to learn and now I have a great companion who can help me and teach me!!  It is nice to finally have language study. With my previous trainer we would never do language study neither would we practice teaching lessons in the language so it is so nice to have a companion who makes sure that we do those things. Because of course that is basically the only way to learn the language and how to teach the lessons. I will be able to progress a lot faster now and I am so excited to be working with her. She is a great missionary and we are both on the same page in knowing that this area has the potential to be so great. There is so much work to be done and it is great to have a companion and trainer who is willing to work hard as well. I just hope that I will be able to learn everything that she knows in this next transfer. I only get 6 weeks with her so I am going to make as much of it as I possibly can! Also they changed the areas that are in the same district so I now have a new district. They split the sisters so they aren’t all in the same district now.  We also have to find a new apartment (which is the hardest thing in the world because there aren’t a lot of those that exist here). The owner doesn’t like us I guess, and she thinks that we haven’t been paying her and I don’t even know what. We have to be out by the end of September but I don’t know if that is possible. Also because I have a new companion I am leading the area and it is going great.

On Tuesday I went to a wedding/baptism. It was for investigators of the Sisters in my district. After they got married the wife got baptized. It was a great ceremony and it was cool because their family aren’t members of course, but because they were at the wedding they went to the baptism so we got to teach a lot of people about baptism and the holy ghost because of the baptism program. The husband will be baptized later this month. Tuesday was the night we learned that Sister Lewis was going to be transferred. On Wednesday and Thursday I worked in the other area because another sister also didn’t have a companion. On Thursday night Sister Orani came.

Within the past few days of working with Sister Orani small miracles have come forth. This past week we extended baptismal invitation to Julie Ann and Reyze. They are cousins and they are so excited to be baptized. The funny thing is that we accidentaly set their date the same weekend as General Conference so we are going to have to fix that. We met this family while we were out finding. We were both prompted to go to the same house and when we went there the people let us into their home and listened to our message. It was great. They said that we could come back again to teach them. Our other investigator, Sister Wennie, told us on Friday that if she isn’t home she wants us to text her because she wants to be there so we can teach her. I haven’t been able to teach Sister Flory at all this week. I went to her house 4 times but she either says she is too busy or she isn’t home. The hard thing is that her family hates it when we teach her and I think that has a huge role in why she “hasn’t been home”. I am a bit worried about her but we will continue to visit with her.

This coming week I will be going back to Iloilo to the mission home for a trainers/trainees meeting so I will be able to see the two other sisters again that I was with at the mtc. I am so excited to see President again.

I love you guys soooo very much. Palangga ta kamo gid!!.

Sister Jensen


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