23 September 2013

Kamusta Pamilya!

This past week just flew by, I don’t even know where it went. On Wednesday and Thursday I was in Iloilo for a trainers/trainee meeting. Traveling to Iloilo is a four hour bus ride so when we got to Iloilo we went shopping in the biggest mall on the island. The mall is called SM. It was fun to do a little bit of shopping and afterwards we went and visited some families in the city because the city was my companion’s first area. It was so much fun and I understand the people so much more in the city, and the people that we visited fed us. The next day we had the meeting. It was great to see the two other sisters that I was at the MTC with. I had a lot of fun catching up with them and of course the meeting was great. President Aquino announced that we will now as a mission, be fasting every Sunday to make this mission a baptizing mission. I am excited to see how this mission progresses because I definitely agree that we can all do better. Last month there were only 30 baptisms in the whole mission. For a Philippine mission that number is not good. He has been making a lot of changes in the mission and it is all very exciting. This past transfer there is a new area that opened up as well.
On Friday and Saturday we were busy teaching. We were able to teach 26 lessons this past week and we did it in just the few hours that we had on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday!! That is the most lessons I have ever taught. I knew this area had so much potential. I can see myself loving my area more and more. The baptismal date for the Salvador kids continues to look very promising. They have come to church for the past 2 weeks and they continue to progress as we teach them lessons. As for other investigators, no one else has come to church but we have a lot more investigators that are progressing and continue to allow us to teach them. The mother of the De Felipe family finally agreed to join in on the lessons which is so amazing. Usually when we come to teach she goes and hides in the back. The other day when we taught her about how the gospel blesses families she started to cry.
October is just going to fly by because the first week the other sisters have a baptism then the next weekend is general conference then the week after that we have a baptism, then it will already be transfer week ulit (again in tagalog). Transfer day is going to come way too fast. There is still so much I need to learn from Sister Orani. I can now teach lesson one pretty well.
Today President and Sister Aquino are in the area so we had a zone activity. We went to a beautiful area where there are some waterfalls. It reminded me of donut-falls except it isn’t that much of a climb but it was still a lot of fun and I enjoy getting together with other missionaries and seeing more of the Philippines. I also love visiting with the mission President and his wife. They are such great people.
Palangga ko kamo
Sister Jensen

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