30 September 2013

Kamusta Pamilya!

This was another great week. On Tuesday President Aquino announced that he will be calling a few missionaries to be “traveling missionaries” it means that the missionary will travel around and live with other companionships for three days, working, studying, and living with the companionship and will help them improve their teaching skills and just being a missionary. I think my trainer will be called as a “traveling missionary” at the end of this transfer. Another exciting thing that is coming up is on November 13 we will have a zone training in Iloilo! So the whole zone will travel to iloilo on the 12th. We will stay in a hotel, then go to the meeting. Elder Ian Ardern (in the quorum of the 70) will be there and he will choose 4 missionaries to talk (on spot) and he will also choose 4 missionaries to interview. So that is exciting. Possibly at the hotel I will be able to have a real shower haha.

We have general conference the week after you have it and I am so excited to listen to it as I mentioned before.

This week we had 32 lessons. It helps when you have a baptism coming up because then you visit and teach them many times in a week and one of them lives in a different house. But the work continues to improve. My companion was sick on Saturday and so I got to do some extra language study and reading. It was nice because I haven’t been feeling 100% either, I think due to the fact that our feet are always soaking wet with mud and disgusting water. The other day it got pretty cold so I slept in a hoodie!  It was probably 75 degrees though but it felt cold.

We continue to work hard and we have many progressing investigators but still none of them come to church. Our only investigators that come are the kids that are being baptized on Oct 19.

I love you all so much. You have no idea!!!

Sister Jensen


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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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