7 October 2013

Kamusta Pamilya

Magandang maganda ang simana ko. Pero on Monday night my companion found out that someone in her family recently passed away. I am just so glad that I am able to be her companion at this time and to comfort her. She continues to be strong and a good example to me. Our lessons continue to go well. On Thursday we were teaching the De Felipe family about the apostasy and restoration. It went great and they continue to ask great questions and desire to learn more. During the lesson I concluded that this was the time to ask them to commit to baptism. We teach them at a store that they own so sometimes during the lessons we get interrupted with customers but its not usually too bad. So we were teaching the lesson and the time was soon coming to extend commitments to them when suddenly out of no where a dozen customers just come in out of no where so I thought to myself “Oh no, I shouldn’t ask them anymore, the spirit is gone because we were interrupted so it will be so awkward to ask them” but then I had a change of thought. I started to visualize them in white and seeing them be baptized. And I thought about how much I cared for this family and wanted them to take the step towards baptism. I felt that I still needed to ask them to be baptized. So when they were done helping the last customer my companion said a last few things then I asked them if they would be baptized in my broken Tagalog/ Ilonggo. They didn’t understand me so I tried to ask them again, they still didn’t understand me. I turned to my companion and she asked them and they said YES! So it was both a good and bad experience at the same time. I just love the De Felipe family so much but there are still those moments when I am not able to communicate with them which can be so sad especially when you are asking an important question, but I know the language will come. The good news is is that they said yes so hopefully they will continue to make those changes and take the steps towards baptism. The day after this all happened, I practiced for about 30 minutes how to extend a baptismal commitment and later on I asked sister Maylyn, another one of our investigators, and she was able to understand me and she also said yes. So hopefully they just start coming to church now. They are all really great investigators. Especially the De Felipe family. They always have questions and  would be such strong members. Their family would just strengthen the ward so much.

As we go out I see what I need to study and practice in language study which helps but siyembre everything doesn’t fit in so I rely on the spirit and my wonderful companion as well. It’s great. I still continue to struggle with the languages but konti-konti or amat-amat it will come. I do understand more than I am able to speak and say which is good.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning we got an unexpected text message saying that I had to come down to Iloilo that night so that they could take my fingerprints today (Monday). So right now I am in Iloilo. It is always nice coming to Iloilo. Hearing Ilonggo is always a plus and seeing other missionaries and seeing president. It’s great. While I was at the mission office President Aquino interviewed me which was something I wasn’t expecting. I need to progress dasig in this language and learn as much as I can before the end of this next transfer which is just in two weeks.  This next transfer will be interesting to see how it goes. I am still here in Iloilo and I will head back to Kalibo around three in the afternoon which means we will make it back mga 7:30 or 8.

General Conference sounds like it was amazing as always. I can’t wait to watch it this coming weekend. This past Saturday I was able to watch the RS session and that was good. Pero seeing the Conference Center made me miss home gid pero ok-lang, waay problema. The messages were so great to hear and it was nice to see President Thomas S. Monson ulit. I just can’t wait to hear more on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure what the whole program is but i’ll let you know how it all went down next week. Oh no, this transfer is going to end so fast, general conference this week, baptism next week, then the following Thursday is transfer day! crazy

Nihidlaw ko kamo!

Sister Jensen

ps. It is against mission standards for missionaries to live in an apartment with dirt floors. so i don’t live in an apartment with dirt floor. I’ll try to send pictures next week.  It is the wet season here in the Philippines so sometimes the streets are flooded. but lately it has been pretty dry so its been good. Don’t worry, everything is great here in the Philippines.


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