14 October 2013

Kamusta Pamilya,

General Conference was AMAZING. It was so rewarding to listen to each of the speakers. I went in with many questions and I came out with each of them being answered. Listening to the words of the church leaders is so rewarding and everything that was said was exactly what I needed to hear. We watched the Saturday sessions on Saturday and the Sunday sessions on Sunday. We only get an hour in between the sessions so we just ate in between the sessions. We had four investigators come (the four that will be baptized) to the Sunday morning session. That is basically the only session that members come to which is pretty sad but then again it is in english so they don’t understand it but the spirit is still there. It was pretty crazy, many of the scripture references/ stories that were brought up were ones that I had recently studied so that was pretty cool. For example, right now I am in the war chapters of the BOM so I read the story of the 2000 stripling warriors. I really enjoyed Richard G Scott, President Uchtdorf, Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder McConkie, and Dallin H. Oaks’ talks. Those were my favorite but I loved all of them. I really like the quote by President Uchtdorf “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”. This past week went by pretty fast. My companion hasn’t been feeling well so on Thursday I was able to have a member stay at the apartment with her while I went out with another member to do some work. I was at first a bit nervous because I would be teaching all the lessons on my own in Tagalog. It turned out pretty well. I taught 3 lessons within two hours and it wasn’t so bad. It was great to see how far I have come with the language and knowing my area and knowing the lessons. Siyembre I still have a LOT to learn but it is nice to see some improvement. The Spirit was definitely helping me as I was out by myself teaching. This week is full of some exciting stuff as well. President Aquino will be coming up and be interviewing our zone. Then siyembre the BAPTISM on Saturday. I am so excited to witness these four baptism. They are such great examples to their parents and I know that konti-konti, the parents will follow the example of their children and come to church. Their grandmother is also less-active so it will be good for her to come to the baptism and remember what the gospel is all about. The transfer will soon be over. I have been in the Philippines for 11 weeks and soon my training will be over. My time with Sister Orani is coming to a close. It will be weird to not be a bata anymore but still feel like I have so much to learn and to not have Sister Orani as my companion. It’s is great to hear BYU is winning! It is weird to hear that it is beginning to get colder, because it continues to stay hot here. I love you all and think about you all the time. I keep you in my prayers and I love you all so much.

Nihidlaw ko kamo! Sister Jensen


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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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