21 October 2013

Kamusta Pamilya,

What can I say, this past week has just been so amazing. On Friday night Sister Orani and I were at the church with our four investigators for them to be interviewed. It was great, after each one of them were interviewed they always came out with tears in their eyes. I could also feel the spirit so strong whenever the door would open and they would come out. It was a great experience. I talked with my DL afterwards and he said that they are great and definitely ready for baptism. He said that Julie Ann (13) will be a great addition for the Young Women program and can see that she will be a great example for others and choose to do the right think; Ralphael (14) will always want to do the right thing and is always striving to give the right answers; and Ralph (15) that his testimony will be the one to bring his father to the church. It was so great to hear this from my DL and that he could see how great these kids were. (Ryza is 8 so she was interviewed by the bishop). On Saturday was there baptism!! It was such a spiritual experience. Their uncle, who I reactivated, baptized all four of them. After they were baptized all four of them bore their testimonies and it was so great to hear them. Teaching them has definitely been the highlight of my mission and siyembre I will always remember them because they are just the best, they were my first baptism, and they were baptized on Nathan’s birthday so that won’t be hard to remember. Ralph, Ralphael, and Ryza are siblings and Julie Ann is their cousin.. the mother of the three kids came to the baptism as well as the grandmother (who Julie Ann lives with) and just having them come was a big deal. They are less actives. The two of them also came to church on Sunday to watch them receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Is was great to see them all at church. It was sad though that the father was not there. I’m not sure why. I am hoping though that within this year he will also be ready to be baptized. Witnessing their baptism is just a great motivation to just continue, it is the best feeling to watch someone that you have found, taught, and love be baptized!
Now that they are baptized I am a bit worried about what is to happen next. We now don’t have investigators showing up at church anymore because the ones that were are now baptized. But we do have less actives that have been coming to church that we have been teaching so there has been a lot of improvement there. Sister Flory hasn’t been available and the De Felipe family still hasn’t come to church. There lessons always go great though but Satan is definitely working with that family. The father has been busy lately so we haven’t taught him for a while and he was our main focus. The son Kevin moved out to work on construction. The other son is now working at a drug store so he doesn’t have time within our proselyting hours. So right now we teach the mom when available and the youngest daughter who is 11. Sister Jesel still hasn’t taken the steps to prepare for marriage so she can’t get baptized yet. The good thing though she comes to church but its an every other week patter but it’s better than nothing. One big thing that I will be working on this next transfer is finding more investigators and people who are ready and prepared to be baptized. I have been stressing about my area and what I will be doing next now that the four investigators that we have been focusing on are now baptized. I think today I partly received an answer to my prayer because Samuel emailed me and knows someone who served in the same area as me and he gave me some names of people that I will check up on!
Transfer day is this week and I am excited to see what new changes will take place. I’ll let you know how it all goes down next week after it happens.
It is great to hear that BYU continues to win.
I don’t know much about the whole earthquake. All I know is that is was pretty strong. I probably heard more about it but just didn’t understand what was being said haha. But I know the word for earthquake in Tagalog is lindol.
Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Jensen

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