4 November 2013

Kamusta Pamilya

This past week was basically finding people to teach. We had many miracles that occurred. We were able to find quite a few part-member families that are less-active. Since I had so much success with that before, we are going to start focusing on these part member families. One of the best experiences was I was walking along the highway and a little four-year-old girl runs up to me and says “Sister”. I bend down on my knees and she just runs to give me a hug. I have never met this little girl but she knew that I was a sister, she knew that I was a missionary. Soon I meet her mom and I start asking her questions and it turns out that she is not a member. We set up an appointment to teach her and her family. I’m so excited. We found two other new investigators that seem very promising. Sister Jonna and Sister Nelda. Jonna has three little boys and we gave her a Book of Mormon after the first lesson. We later passed by her house after the lesson and we saw her outside reading the book. We were so happy. With Sister Nelda; we asked her to give the closing prayer and during the prayer she started to cry and she said that she knew that Heavenly Father loves her. This transfer I feel that I am feeling the spirit so much more during the lessons and it is great. Even though we aren’t having that many lessons I feel that this transfer they are more meaningful and helping the people. We taught Jesel but it turns out that we have to drop her. It is sad.

Instead of Halloween, in the Philippines they have All Saints Day. Everybody goes to the cemetery for the day and sleeps there at night. Sooo no one was home that day… no lessons that day. but it was still good and the time went by fast. I am happy.

I love you all so much!! Nahidlaw ko kayo. Mahal ko kayo!!
Sister Jensen


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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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