11 November 2013

Not surprisingly, Rachel has not been able to communicate with us this week.
We did receive the following broadcast e-mail from her mission office on Sunday night:

Good Day Brother and Sister,
This is the Office Staff of the Philippines Iloilo Mission. We just wanted to inform you that all of our Missionaries are SAFE.
Typhoon Yolanda has passed but has left power outages in certain areas that will last a week or two. 

“My storm may not have been as tempestuous as the storms others face, but it is not the velocity of the storm that makes our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ willing to help us. It is our faith in Christ’s calming power and our hastening to call for His help that allows Him to calm our hearts during life’s storms.” -Whitney Hinckley


We have complete faith and trust in the loving care of our Heavenly Father for Rachel. We do not know if she was evacuated to a different city or any specifics of where she is. Kalibo, the town where she was serving, is on the north coast of Panay Island, and the typhoon went directly over that area. It is about 185 miles west, northwest of Tacloban City.

Please join us in prayer that the suffering of the people in the Philippines will be relieved and that the people will turn to the fullness of the gospel as the healing power for their suffering.

Keith Jensen


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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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