20 January 2014

The church is true! This past week just flew by, Sister Dotillos and I continued to work hard in figuring out our area and finding new people to teach. Through all of our efforts and diligent work we have seen many blessings and tender mercies from the Lord. One day we didn’t have any set lessons… we had a few ideas of people to visit, but it looked like we would be tracting the entire day. We went out and we tract house after house and house after house… nothing. We kept on getting punted from the potential people we had in mind to teach. After a couple of hours we still hadn’t taught a single lesson and no one was receiving us into their homes. It was a cold rainy day so the idea of going home and just studying the scriptures and doing language study seemed like it would be more productive than keep on getting rejected. But of course we continued in our efforts and decided to go tracting in a poorer area because the “rich and the learned” weren’t accepting us. It was becoming dark and we still hadn’t taught a lesson yet that day. I remembered someone who we had met a week earlier and we decided that since we were near we would go back to that house. We knocked and still nothing. We decided to knock at their next door neighbor and before we even introduced ourselves she invited us into her home. My companion and I look at each other somewhat taken back that someone is finally letting us in as well as letting us in before we even introduce ourselves or who we are. We went into her house and we find other women in the house as well with their children. As we are talking to them more of their family starts entering the house and before we know it there are over ten adults sitting down and talking with us. We begin teaching the lesson and really focus on how the gospel blesses families. Each of them seemed really interested in the message. We handed them a pamphlet about the restoration of the gospel and before we left they were already reading it and asking questions about it. We were able to schedule another appointment with them. It is just so clear that Heavenly Father truly blesses us. At times he tests us but if we just endure a little longer, rich blessings await us. The next day, we were very busy and were able to teach 10 lessons and we found another very large family (extended family lives together) of which two just happen to be less-actives that we didn’t know about.

So this past week we had a very good “finding” week and I hope and pray that most of the new investigators that we found, especially the families, will progress and come to church and such.

An investigator that we found two weeks ago continues to progress really well. Her name is Emiliana. She is so sweet and she is already reading the Book of Mormon. Whenever we come and teach her she just seems so happy and eager to learn more. We just finished Lesson 1 with her this week. I love teaching her, she is an older woman who sews for a living. When we visit, her husband isn’t home but that is the only time she says that is good for her. She wasn’t able to make it to church this past Sunday due to a family emergency so I hope she will be able to come next week.

I love and miss you all so much… but I am truly loving the time that I have to serve here in the Philippines. I still can’t get over the beauty and I just love the people here so much. The language continues to be a challenge but it is good.. now that I’m trying to speak in Ilonggo I have realized how much Tagalog I learned. Also the other day we found an investigator who only spoke Tagalog so it was nice that I was able to communicate with him. I will probably continue to study Tagalog a little bit because it is so helpful, but I will focus on Ilonggo.

Love you all so much!

Sister Jensen


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