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24 February 2014

Another week has gone by and Sister Dotillos and I are just enjoying every part of the journey. We continue to focus our efforts on finding and visiting the less active members. We still don’t have many progressing investigators. But yesterday we had an investigator come to church and she is the best. We found her this past week while we were hiking up this big mountain in our farthest area. (our area is as big as Africa) Her name is Sister Violetta, She is in her 50’s and lives all alone because she is sick and can’t be stressed about things or talk to loud. She longs for people to talk to so when we went to her she did most of the talking and I found that she has a strong testimony of prayer. She lives a very simple life and has fully relied on the Lord many times to help her find the money to pay for her medicine. I love her so much, and another great thing about her is that she speaks Tagalog. She is such a strong woman and yesterday she came to church; even though she lives so far away! In order for her to go to church she has to hike down the mountain and walk about 40 minutes to a jeepney terminal to take a 15 minute jeepney ride to the church building. I admire her so much. In sunday school and Relief Society the lessons were about prayer so she had a lot of input in the lessons and shared her experiences with everyone. She was even taking notes down about the lessons. Because we had only taught her once before and didn’t give her a Book of Mormon yet, I gave her one on Sunday and when I did her eyes just started tearing up and she said “this is for me?” then she hugged and kissed me and started looking up the verses of scripture that she took notes of in the lesson. I couldn’t stop seeing her dressed in white clothes and preparing for waters of baptism. I hope and pray that she will continue to progress and prepare for baptism.

Guimaras continues to be such a great and beautiful place. I love it here. It really is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

My mission president continues to push us to work hard and to be the best missionaries that we can be. He has added some more mission rules recently to help us focus more to our purpose and work.

I am continuing to see how the gospel is the key to help me become who I am supposed to be. As a missionary it can be exhausting because most of the time all I see are my weaknesses and my strengths seem to be lost, or are inadequate for the work. But I have to keep on going and I have noticed over time I am seeing my weaknesses grow stronger and stronger and helping me fulfill my purpose here. It takes a lot of work and patience, but I am enjoying the journey as I sometimes make mistakes and learn and grow.

Thank you all for your love and support. Grandpa Jensen I hope that you will get better soon. I am praying for you. I love you both grandma and grandpa Jensen. And grandma Koutz thanks for sending me the blanket. It is perfect!! I love it and sleep with it every night. I am able to sleep a lot better at night. I love you too grandma and grandpa Koutz! Thank you all for everything. I love you all and miss you all so much.

Sister Jensen


17 February 2014

Kamusta Pamilya
We did some more finding again this week and we ended up getting a bit lost up in the mountains. We were hoping that there would be more homes but there was only a few. But we didn’t go there in vain. We ended up coming across this house in the middle of nowhere high up in the mountain within a forest of trees. We were able to teach two old women and at the end of the lesson one of the ladies said that she agrees with our message and that as we were teaching her she felt that it was all familiar to her. It was a cool experience and a tender mercy from the Lord. It is just confirmation in a way that I am doing something right.
On Tuesday Sister Dotillos and I visited a member in our branch who is VERY confused about the gospel. He has had moments in his life where he has gone inactive and gone back to the catholic church… anyways he is a member now but doesn’t have a testimony about the restoration of the gospel. He doesn’t feel like he has a Father in Heaven and he only will read the bible. The biggest issue is that his brother is a catholic priest so he is being taught by him then comes to us asking questions, then we explain, then he goes and tells what we said to his brother, then comes back to us with questions and other beliefs… and so on. just a big circle, all centered around that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is one. I enjoy the lessons with him a bit because it gives me something to study but the problem is is that he doesn’t take in what we say and pray to know what we say is true.. instead he goes to his brother and asks him if it is true. Anyways so we went to visit him again on Tuesday and we came to find that this time his brother was there. Long story short we didn’t end up teaching a lesson, he was just attacking our church, our beliefs, and our faith. He taught us how there couldn’t possibly be an apostasy and that it is vain that the church headquarters is in Utah because the Bible doesn’t mention anywhere about Utah…. and so on. My companion and I remained silent the whole time letting him say what he wanted to say.. we knew that he wouldn’t listen to us and there was no point in debating.  At the end he pointed his finger at me and said “For you I understand that you are Mormon.. you were born Mormon”, and then he turned to my companion (a convert, was catholic before) and said “but you, you should be ashamed of yourself. You abandoned your faith and God does not love you.” After he said that I said “I know that Heavenly Father loves you” and then I started crying and then said “I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true” and then I turned to the member and told him that it was time for us to go. It didn’t matter what he said because we know what we believe in to be true but it is just sad that he will never know or accept the truth. During the lesson I felt so much love for him… I felt Heavenly Father’s love for him, but he won’t be able to remain in the presence of his Heavenly Father because he won’t accept the gospel.
The best thing that happened was Sister Emiliana, one of my investigators, came to church for a little while. She was only able to make it for the last 30 minutes of sacrament meeting and then had to go but at least she came. She sat next to some members and it seemed they were getting along quite well.
Love you all and I am enjoying my time here on my mission in the Philippines.
Sister Jensen

10 February 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

 I received the letters this past week from the Jensen family. It made me so happy. I also forgot to mention that I also received the letters from the young women as well. Sorry that I didn’t finish my email last week. Last p-day was a bit busy so i didn’t have as much time to email. I was really surprised to read the emails last week. I am so glad that you are all safe and that there seems to be nothing missing. It is really interesting all the visits the ward is receiving from the leaders. That is so awesome. I didn’t know we had sister missionaries either. Nathan you need to tell me the story. Mom I didn’t know you were still teaching piano lessons. I thought you were done with that but you have a recital coming up? And you were right I also didn’t know that the winter olympics were going on.
The Lord is clearly preparing for something great to happen here in the Philippines. I feel the push for missionary work has never been this strong as it is now. Our mission president continues to set higher goals for us to strive to reach and is changing some rules so that we are spending more time saving souls.
Crying repentance here in Guimaras continues, but there isn’t much progress. Almost everyone that we have found and taught has turned us away. The Barbosa family will not let us into there homes. I saw sister Barbosa the other day in the market and I smiled and waved at her, but she just turned and walked a different direction. This past week Sister Dotillos and I spent time tracting again. I love tracting here because the area is so beautiful and there is so many places to go. On Tuesday and Wednesday it felt like everyone was just letting us in and allowing us to teach them. It was awesome… and most of the people we were coming in contact with were familiar with the elders and they had previously knocked on their doors… and here they are now, allowing us to teach them! We found one investigator, Rose, she said the elders taught her many many times but then she moved so she was never baptized. she doesn’t remember a lot so we are reteaching her everything but it has been such a tender mercy to find her.
When we came to her house I introduced us and then she asked if we were Mormons. usually people turn us away when we say “yes” but after some time she allowed us in. This happened a few times throughout this week. It was really cool.
I still struggle with the language but I recently found much strength through the scriptures. The other day I was reading 2Nephi 33:4  “And the words which I have [spoken] in weakness will be made strong unto them; for it persuadeth them to do good; it maketh known unto them of their fathers; and it speaketh of Jesus, and persuadeth them to believe in him, and to endure to the end, which is life eternal.” One of my greatest weaknesses here is the language barrier and not fully understanding what people are saying all the time, but I am bearing my testimony in the few words that I know how to speak and I know that even by simple and small things, great things happen and they are made strong. I am doing my best, even though my best isn’t perfect, it is enough. It is so important that we do what the Lord asks of us, even if we are weak. He calls us all to the work and who the Lord calls, he qualifies.
Palangga ko kamo!
Sister Jensen

3 February 2014

Maayong adlaw pamilya,

This past week was a good week. The mission president’s wife came and visited my companion and I and she worked with us for a day. We were able to introduce her to some of our investigators and a recent convert family. At the beginning I was a bit nervous to work with her so my language was struggling more than usual, but I soon got over it. It turns out she doesn’t really know Ilonggo either and I was even able to help her a little bit. 

A little over a week ago we were tracting and found a new family. They are an older family. The mom is basically a grandma and she still has some of her sons that live with her that are in their 20s and 30s. On Tuesday we had our second lesson with these three guys and Sister Aquino was present. We ended up having a really great discussion and taught all of lesson one. They had read all of the pamphlet that we had previously given them and their understanding was really great. It was a great lesson.. and Sister Aquino’s added testimony just helped the lesson perfectly. Plus the lesson was all in Tagalog so I was able to understand and say more. I hope that they will continue to progress and that we can continue to have these great discussions with them.

We have been teaching another family for the past 3 weeks. The Barbosa family. It is a young family. The wife is 26 and the husband is 23 and they have two cute little boys. They are a great family and were showing much progress. They were reading the Book of Mormon and asking great questions about it. However, the other day when we went to teach them they told us that their boss saw them reading the Book of Mormon one day and told them that they had to stop allowing us in their home.

The work is progressing. We continue to find people to teach. We are teaching some kids of one of our recent convert’s neighbors. They are progressing really well and came to church yesterday. The mother is sometimes there during the lessons but she doesn’t want to commit to anything, but she is very supportive in her children’s decisions.

Love Sister Jensen