17 February 2014

Kamusta Pamilya
We did some more finding again this week and we ended up getting a bit lost up in the mountains. We were hoping that there would be more homes but there was only a few. But we didn’t go there in vain. We ended up coming across this house in the middle of nowhere high up in the mountain within a forest of trees. We were able to teach two old women and at the end of the lesson one of the ladies said that she agrees with our message and that as we were teaching her she felt that it was all familiar to her. It was a cool experience and a tender mercy from the Lord. It is just confirmation in a way that I am doing something right.
On Tuesday Sister Dotillos and I visited a member in our branch who is VERY confused about the gospel. He has had moments in his life where he has gone inactive and gone back to the catholic church… anyways he is a member now but doesn’t have a testimony about the restoration of the gospel. He doesn’t feel like he has a Father in Heaven and he only will read the bible. The biggest issue is that his brother is a catholic priest so he is being taught by him then comes to us asking questions, then we explain, then he goes and tells what we said to his brother, then comes back to us with questions and other beliefs… and so on. just a big circle, all centered around that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is one. I enjoy the lessons with him a bit because it gives me something to study but the problem is is that he doesn’t take in what we say and pray to know what we say is true.. instead he goes to his brother and asks him if it is true. Anyways so we went to visit him again on Tuesday and we came to find that this time his brother was there. Long story short we didn’t end up teaching a lesson, he was just attacking our church, our beliefs, and our faith. He taught us how there couldn’t possibly be an apostasy and that it is vain that the church headquarters is in Utah because the Bible doesn’t mention anywhere about Utah…. and so on. My companion and I remained silent the whole time letting him say what he wanted to say.. we knew that he wouldn’t listen to us and there was no point in debating.  At the end he pointed his finger at me and said “For you I understand that you are Mormon.. you were born Mormon”, and then he turned to my companion (a convert, was catholic before) and said “but you, you should be ashamed of yourself. You abandoned your faith and God does not love you.” After he said that I said “I know that Heavenly Father loves you” and then I started crying and then said “I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true” and then I turned to the member and told him that it was time for us to go. It didn’t matter what he said because we know what we believe in to be true but it is just sad that he will never know or accept the truth. During the lesson I felt so much love for him… I felt Heavenly Father’s love for him, but he won’t be able to remain in the presence of his Heavenly Father because he won’t accept the gospel.
The best thing that happened was Sister Emiliana, one of my investigators, came to church for a little while. She was only able to make it for the last 30 minutes of sacrament meeting and then had to go but at least she came. She sat next to some members and it seemed they were getting along quite well.
Love you all and I am enjoying my time here on my mission in the Philippines.
Sister Jensen

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