10 March 2014

Kamusta Family,

This past week was a great week. The weather is starting to warm up again but I still haven’t had to sleep with a fan  since October and I continue to sleep with a blanket every night. Sister Dotillos and I continue to explore our area and come in contact with new people. This past week we were able to find quite a few investigators, so we will visit them again and see if there is some potential. One day, we were tracting and it was coming to the time where we needed to start heading to our last appointment of the day. My companion said let’s tract one more house. So we continued on the path that we were on and came across some houses. I decided to go to the house that was the furthest up the mountain and we went there and said “tag-balay” no one was coming to the door but after a couple of minutes three people looked out the door and invited us in. We taught them and at the end she said, with tears in her eyes, I know that what you said is true. when will you come back? I gave her a Book of Mormon and gave her some other information. Out of all the new investigators we found she seems to have the most potential, but we will see how it all goes.
 I am looking forward to April, there will be a baptism, general conference, and just another month down. My housemate and I go running together every morning. Her name is sister Karaponga and she is from new zealand. she used to be larger  and she has already lost quite a bit of weight (over 40 pounds). we are planning to run a 10k at the end of this month on our p-day. I am so glad that I finally found someone who will work out with me. It is so nice to finally do something. before I would just do some stuff inside the apartment all alone but there really wasn’t any motivation to do anything. 
Life is great and the work is moving
love you all
Sister Jensen

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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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