17 March 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

I had another very exciting experience this week that continues to make living in the Philippines very exciting and fun.  For some reason  there was no water at all in our town. our dirty dishes were stacking up and our buckets of water that are usually full so we can flush the toilet were running empty and I really needed to wash my clothes but I couldn’t. We decided that if it was still going to be off the next morning we would all die because we were also in a desperate need to take showers and just clean the house. luckily there is a well down  the hill from where we live so I and one other of my housemates spent the next morning drawing water from the well and carrying it all the way back to our place and dumping it in other basins so that we could shower. Many people were there at the well, some washing their clothes, others taking showers, and others filling up buckets to take back to their homes. It was a pretty cool experience and the water is even colder than usual but it was ok.   It was a great workout and we ended up getting quite a few chances to speak with people because everybody was doing the same thing: fetching water from the well.  One time while waiting in line I was talking with the person behind me and then when I was heading back up the hill I gave him and his friends the little card with all the articles of faith and then said goodbye. As I left one of the guys said “oh no, there’re 13 commandments? I thought there was only ten”.
Sister Violetta didn’t come to church yesterday because she was sick but we had two other investigators that came which is a miracle!! Sister Emiliana finally came again and then one of our new investigators, Albert, came. Albert is on of 10 in his family and he is 15 years old. We were hoping that his mom and younger siblings would join him but he was the only one that came. Albert was a referral from the member that worked with us that one sunday.
love you all
Sister Jensen



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