21 April 2014


This past week was a bit rough for getting missionary work done, but it turned out to be a fun week. There were so many people here in Guimaras because they all came to witness Pag-taltal which is the re-enactment of the crucifixion. I didn’t see the actual guy nailed to the cross but I saw people dressed up as the roman soldiers and the apostles and the parade that took place at the bottom of balaan bukid (holy mountain) It was so crowded and we couldn’t really talk to them because we were respecting their religion and the way they celebrate the holiday. We actually were able to teach two lessons that day which was pretty amazing since the whole re-enactment thing was in my area.
Yesterday was the first district conference for Guimaras. It just recently became a district. It was previously in the Iloilo stake, but now there are enough members that the whole island of Guimaras is a district. The conference took place here in Guimaras and afterwards there was a picture taken for this historical event. The conference was really good, my mission president and his wife spoke as well as Elder Tobias (of the area quorum 70). It was mainly about raising our families in the gospel.
This coming week, starting today, is the mango festival! During a point of the festival there is an all you can eat contest of mangoes. I’ll let you know how it goes next week if the all-you-can-eat contest happens this week (the festival is 30 days long)
Brother Albert continues to progress, the other day I found out that he reads everyday to his older sister and explains to her what is happening in the scriptures and they also pray together. We are also teaching his sister but she hasn’t come to church yet due to work. Albert is only 15 years old and he is helping his older sister who is 27 understand the book of mormon. It is so great!!
Sister Violeta has been really sick the past couple of days. She didn’t even end up working during holy week because she was so sick.
Emiliana is doing good. We read the Book of Mormon with her a lot. She doesn’t want to make a decision about baptism yet so we are still working with her whole conversion process.
This past week we also have been teaching a part member family. We are hoping that we can complete the family by having the rest be baptized. It seems pretty promising.
It was great to hear from you and I am so glad you are all doing great and had a great Easter.
love you all,
Sister Jensen

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