5 May 2014

Kamusta Pamilya!

This past week went by fast and this coming week is also going to busy so it will be great. Albert’s baptism went soo great. The members were very supportive and the program was just so spiritual. Albert will be a great addition to the branch. We are in need of great priesthood leaders and that is what he will be. He was confirmed yesterday and already given the priesthood as well, so next week he will already be passing the sacrament. After the baptism he stood up and bore his testimony, and it was so strong. He shared an experience he had when he was a little boy and how he always felt sick and out of place, but when we taught him and he started coming to church he was feeling better. He bore a strong testimony about the gospel. Is was a great experience. He is 15 years old and I always wondered why he came to church all on his own. He truly is sensitive to the spirit and he acts on the promptings. He has support now from the branch members so he is good and he is even working with us now at times. He wants to go on a mission someday and his parents are supportive of it. His parents listen to the lessons and want to come to church but they work every Sunday morning in order to provide for the family.
We were able to obtain some more referrals from members this week which has been a great blessing. Some of them seem will progress faster than others. The branch is so supportive and it is great to work with them. They are basically all pioneers but the branch is still strong and the leaders are learning quickly.
The manggahan festival was going on but not the all-you-can-eat.. it turns out that will take place later on in May so until then I’ll let you know how it goes. I am so excited and one of the members told me that if I eat more than 5 kilos then she will pay for my entry. 5 kilos is about 15 mangoes. One year an elder one the contest and he ate 7 kilos but he wasn’t able to accept the award because the award ceremony took place on a Sunday.
This past week I had a community service project and I was just working in a garden and pulling weeds. It made me think of you dad.. something that you do all the time. At our apartment I am growing a ube plant. We will see if it stays alive.
Next week we will be having a mission tour and Elder Ardern will be there! I am excited and it will be sweet to listen to his cool accent.
It is so beautiful here in Guimaras. I still can’t believe how beautiful it is. I love it here in Guimaras.
I pray and fast for you all!! I miss and love you all so much!
Sister Jensen



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