26 May 2014

Kamusta Family,

I have left the beautiful island of Guimaras and I’m back on the island of Panay in Leganes. The sad thing is I can see Guimaras from my new area. I loved Guimaras so much it was the most beautiful area ever and soon Sister Paz will be getting baptized. I am adjusting to my new area, it is a city so I’m not used to that at all. My areas have never been cities so it is a bit more crazy and a lot more people. I am back to working in a ward and there are six missionaries in my ward: four elders, and two sisters. The ward is so amazing. It is probable the best ward on Panay Island (that’s what all the missionaries say). From what I have seen it is probably true. The ward is so involved with missionary work. and we have ward coordination meetings and it is just great. Members are always working with us as well. It’s awesome. Small world though… Sister Paz’s brother is a member in the ward I am in right now and he lives in my area. It turns out that Sister Paz visits him all the time and so hopefully I will get to see her again. He was the one who actually gave her as a referral to us. It is so crazy.

I have been given more responsibility as a Sister Training Leader so I get to serve more missionaries. I get to go on exchanges and work with other sisters in other areas for a day and I give training at zone meetings every month. I am excited.

My new companion is great. I knew her before, she was in my district for a little while in Kalibo. She is so nice and I will probably be her last companion. Her name is Sister Aurelio and she goes home in August. She is so sweet and I’m excited to be companions with her.

At the moment I’m just adjusting to my new area and just trying to learn my way around. It is stressful but fun. The area is progressing well and we are expecting a few baptisms this coming month.

Love you all and I’m praying for you,

Sister Jensen



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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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