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23 June 2014

Kamusta family,

Maayong adlaw! This past week went by pretty fast and I had some pretty fun experiences. Rainy season is coming so it is starting to rain every morning and night. So far we’ve been lucky enough for it not to rain during proselyting hours. It’s been nice throughout the day because there will be a bit of wind, which is really nice. When there is no wind it is a bit harder to breath and a bit more miserable because of all the humidity. On Tuesday night it was pouring rain and I got pretty wet. On the way home there was so much traffic and we weren’t moving anywhere so we hoped off the jeepney and run part of the way home because we were running a bit late. I was just running in the rain with an umbrella in one hand and holding my bag in the other while running through puddles of rain past jeepneys. We got really wet but it was a good moment.
I went on exchanges with another sister. As an sister training leader, that is one of the things we do. I was able to be companions with sister Newton for a day. She was my companion for a little bit while I was in Kalibo. I got to go to her area which is now in the city and see more of the island which is something I always enjoy. Sister Newton is also my running partner. We go running every p-day and so we had a lot of fun on exchanges. Her area shocked me quite a bit. Her area is full of sub divisions. I’m not used to seeing so many homes and cars. It was really weird and I was a bit intimidated by it hahah. On Friday my district got together to do a service project at a home of a less-actives. We were digging a trench around their land so that their garden won’t flood as much. I got some blisters on my hands and my first sunburn here in the Philippines, but I enjoyed it. It’s nice to be out doing different forms of service.
Yesterday I attended a funeral. It was interesting… there was a lot of screaming/yelling involved from the wife and mother of the person that died. But it was a good reminder of the plan of salvation and to also just live life to the fullest, do things that you love and enjoy!
One thing that I’ve been studying throughout the mission is putting off the natural man and truly becoming a disciple of Christ and I came across a scripture that I love. D&C 88: 67-68. One step to put off the natural man is to purifying my heart and sanctifying who I am. As I was reflecting the past year on my mission I have realized more of the person I want to become and how to better serve my Heavenly Father through serving those around me. As we continue to draw near to Him and seeking Him diligently with our eyes single to the glory we can reach our full potential. We can put off the natural man. We can become and be prepared for the day when we see Him again.
I love and miss you all so very much!!
Love Sister Jensen



16 June 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

Another baptism and confirmation is done! It’s always great to witness investigators get baptized and confirmed. Tregie Roxas was baptized on Saturday. He is 11 years old and will soon turn 12 in July, so I will be able to watch him pass the sacrament for the first time. I love those moments. Tregie was from a part-member family so we have been working hard to make their family complete and have the parents return to church. It was so cool, the father was able to confirm his son, it was so nice to see one of our less active members return and confirm his own son. He could’ve baptized him as well but he wanted one of the elders to do it because of his sickness. The baptism turned out great.
Another great miracle that happened this past week was I saw Sister Paz! (my investigator from Guimaras who was baptized June 7).  I was so excited to see her and hug her! it was the best. She is basically my only investigator who got baptized who is not a kid. Anyways, I was able to talk to her for a while and she is doing amazing! She told me her grandson now has a date for June 28 so she is preparing for that. I was so glad to see her because I wasn’t able to say goodbye to her while I was in Guimaras so it was nice to hug her, talk with her a little bit and say goodbye.
Sad story: my camera broke. There is something wrong with the lens. I just opened it to take a picture and then it made a weird noise and the lens won’t close back down. It just stayed open and I can’t take any pictures with it. So I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the baptism and other stuff. I was talking to some other missionaries and they said that many missionaries have that problem with there camera and from what they said, it is because of the humidity and it just rusts the lens so then it doesn’t close. Supposedly it can’t be fixed, but i’ll see if i can fix it. I hope I can. For the mean time I have no camera.
This past week was my first time giving my zone training. It turned out pretty well. As I was speaking I wasn’t nervous at all and I was able to just speak. Unexpectedly president Aquino came to our zone meeting. No one was expecting him. Right before I get up to give my training, he stands up and chastises us for 20 minutes and asks us all to repent, and then I had to stand up and give my training. I’m actually pretty happy how it turned out. I basically just got up and gave a “chalk talk” about reaching our potential.
Right now in my area we are focusing on finding new investigators that will progress. It’s never easy to find new investigators, but I’m excited to go around more of my area and see new places and faces.
As you have mentioned… this coming week I reach my 1 year mark! It’s crazy and very exciting.
I miss and love you all so much,
Sister Jensen

9 June 2014

Kamusta Family

This was one of the busiest weeks of my mission. On Monday I ate the stingray and it was SOOO delicious!! I was so surprised at how good it tasted. I highly recommend stingray. I even know how to cook it as well.  On Tuesday we had district meeting then we had to spend the rest of the time moving from our apartment. I now live in a much smaller place but it is very nice and comfortable. The rooms are small. All four of us study in the kitchen because the rooms are only big enough for our bunk beds. The apartment is pretty far from my area. I have to travel 30 minutes on a Jeepney just to get to the boarder of my area so traveling takes up precious time; but it will all work out. I am still a bit unorganized and not fully unpacked but I’ll get there. On Tuesday night my companion and I traveled down to the office for training from President and the AP’s. That also took all of Wednesday as well. The training was really good and this coming week I will give a training to my zone of what I learned. It was mainly just about how we need to be prepared and be obedient and so on. On Thursday we were able to get a few lessons but I got really sick and we ended up going home an hour early. I think it was from something I ate while at the training. Some of the food here doesn’t really settle well with my stomach. On Friday we were able to have a normal day or studies and work, so that was nice. On Saturday we had an interview scheduled for one of our investigators for baptism then Noela and Katherine got baptized (great experience) and ended the day with a missionary fireside thing. The baptism went great and it is always the best days of a missionary. At the fireside the missionaries trained the ward missionaries how to teach lessons and so on. It ended up really well but it lasted forever so we weren’t able to teach any lessons on Saturday. On Sunday I had to give a talk on Sacrament meeting. I always get so nervous because my language isn’t quite the best. I talked about the importance of prayer. After the church meetings we went to a member’s house and I was able to talk to the mother for quite some time. She opened up with me about some of the challenges she was having at the moment. Let’s just say one of her kids didn’t make the best choice recently and she feels that as a mother it is partially her fault. As she was telling me this she was crying and then told me that as I gave my talk in sacrament meeting she felt she knew what she needed to do. She then thanked me and cried a bit more. It just goes to show even through my weaknesses I can make an impact. If I just put forth my best effort, even if it’s not perfect, the Lord will be there to strengthen me and carry the message to the hearts of the people.
Many experiences and blessings come as we are instruments in the Lord.
I miss you all so very much!! Mahal na mahal
Sister Jensen

2 June 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

Life as a missionary is great. My new area, Leganes, is such a prepared place. The members are amazing and so involved in this work. The days are more full and busy and time is going by faster. This coming week will just fly because so much is happening. We will be moving, have a baptism, another baptism interview, putting a training together for the ward’s missionary fireside and so on.  I’ll tell you everything that happens this week next week after it all happens.
Anyways, this past week we were preparing for Noela’s and Catherine’s baptismal interviews which took place last Saturday. They are the poorest of the poor, but they are so happy and excited to live the gospel. Noela (9) is a bit slow because when she was little she was outside playing with her little brother and then he was shocked by lightening and he died and she came out a bit slow. Catherine (12) is so great and these kids are just the best. Noela is from a part-member family. We just reactivated her mother and Catherine is Noela’s cousin.
It is rainy season again which means the rain will just come out of no where and just start pouring when two seconds ago it was blazing hot and already sweating buckets.  We just finished teaching them and it had been raining during the entire lesson. They live on a rice field so it is muddy after it rains, the only way to walk through was to take off our shoes and trudge through the mud. The kids would lead us through and they insisted on carrying our shoes for us as we tried to walk through the mud without falling. At times they would hold our hands and help us walk across the really slippery parts. And at the end, when we finally got back to the highway, they washed our feet and our shoes for us then headed back home. I love those kids so much. There is a total of four of them but only Noela and Catherine will be getting baptized this coming week. I’ll try to send some pictures of them next week.
Tonight I will be going to an FHE and there I will be eating sting ray. I’ll let you know how it tastes next week. I’m excited to try it and I’ll take some pictures of that too. Speaking of food, I don’t remember if I told you about how many mangoes I ended up eating at the mango festival; I ate 4 kilos. The mangoes here are not as good as the mangoes in Guimaras, the mangoes there are so delicious.
Some of the missionaries and I are working up to run a half marathon on August 5. It isn’t as great to run here as it was in Guimaras, the view isn’t as pretty and it is all flat ground but it is still nice to go out running. (It’ll be nice to be sent some healthy granola bars or something of that sort! They don’t exist here.. just anything really healthy on the go type thing would be great in the package)
Another great experience was yesterday we had a few of the YW work with us. I was talking to one of them while my companion was talking to the other girl. Her name is Kim and she is a recent convert. She was just baptized a few months ago. We were talking and then she told me that she was confused about what a testimony is and how to bear here testimony to people. I gave her a few tips and then asked her a few questions like “how has the gospel blessed you and your family?”… and she would answer and would tell me her experiences. I came to find out that she has a very powerful testimony of prayer. I told her that that was her testimony. Later on we were able to teach a lesson to some investigators and I realized that the testimony they needed to hear was Kim’s about prayer so I asked her to share it. Her testimony brought the spirit so strong in the lesson. It was neat to see the growth and the spirit work through her.
I’m guessing one of the new and popular movies that came out is FROZEN. I don’t know much about it but I hear a lot of the kids talk about it and the song “Let it Go”. The primary kids put a little skit thing together off of FROZEN so that’s how I know about it.
Anyways, I’m just working hard and there aren’t really any complaints. Life is good and busy and time is going by fast.
Thank you for all of your prayers. I love and miss you all. And I pray for you too!
Sister Jensen