2 June 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

Life as a missionary is great. My new area, Leganes, is such a prepared place. The members are amazing and so involved in this work. The days are more full and busy and time is going by faster. This coming week will just fly because so much is happening. We will be moving, have a baptism, another baptism interview, putting a training together for the ward’s missionary fireside and so on.  I’ll tell you everything that happens this week next week after it all happens.
Anyways, this past week we were preparing for Noela’s and Catherine’s baptismal interviews which took place last Saturday. They are the poorest of the poor, but they are so happy and excited to live the gospel. Noela (9) is a bit slow because when she was little she was outside playing with her little brother and then he was shocked by lightening and he died and she came out a bit slow. Catherine (12) is so great and these kids are just the best. Noela is from a part-member family. We just reactivated her mother and Catherine is Noela’s cousin.
It is rainy season again which means the rain will just come out of no where and just start pouring when two seconds ago it was blazing hot and already sweating buckets.  We just finished teaching them and it had been raining during the entire lesson. They live on a rice field so it is muddy after it rains, the only way to walk through was to take off our shoes and trudge through the mud. The kids would lead us through and they insisted on carrying our shoes for us as we tried to walk through the mud without falling. At times they would hold our hands and help us walk across the really slippery parts. And at the end, when we finally got back to the highway, they washed our feet and our shoes for us then headed back home. I love those kids so much. There is a total of four of them but only Noela and Catherine will be getting baptized this coming week. I’ll try to send some pictures of them next week.
Tonight I will be going to an FHE and there I will be eating sting ray. I’ll let you know how it tastes next week. I’m excited to try it and I’ll take some pictures of that too. Speaking of food, I don’t remember if I told you about how many mangoes I ended up eating at the mango festival; I ate 4 kilos. The mangoes here are not as good as the mangoes in Guimaras, the mangoes there are so delicious.
Some of the missionaries and I are working up to run a half marathon on August 5. It isn’t as great to run here as it was in Guimaras, the view isn’t as pretty and it is all flat ground but it is still nice to go out running. (It’ll be nice to be sent some healthy granola bars or something of that sort! They don’t exist here.. just anything really healthy on the go type thing would be great in the package)
Another great experience was yesterday we had a few of the YW work with us. I was talking to one of them while my companion was talking to the other girl. Her name is Kim and she is a recent convert. She was just baptized a few months ago. We were talking and then she told me that she was confused about what a testimony is and how to bear here testimony to people. I gave her a few tips and then asked her a few questions like “how has the gospel blessed you and your family?”… and she would answer and would tell me her experiences. I came to find out that she has a very powerful testimony of prayer. I told her that that was her testimony. Later on we were able to teach a lesson to some investigators and I realized that the testimony they needed to hear was Kim’s about prayer so I asked her to share it. Her testimony brought the spirit so strong in the lesson. It was neat to see the growth and the spirit work through her.
I’m guessing one of the new and popular movies that came out is FROZEN. I don’t know much about it but I hear a lot of the kids talk about it and the song “Let it Go”. The primary kids put a little skit thing together off of FROZEN so that’s how I know about it.
Anyways, I’m just working hard and there aren’t really any complaints. Life is good and busy and time is going by fast.
Thank you for all of your prayers. I love and miss you all. And I pray for you too!
Sister Jensen

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