9 June 2014

Kamusta Family

This was one of the busiest weeks of my mission. On Monday I ate the stingray and it was SOOO delicious!! I was so surprised at how good it tasted. I highly recommend stingray. I even know how to cook it as well.  On Tuesday we had district meeting then we had to spend the rest of the time moving from our apartment. I now live in a much smaller place but it is very nice and comfortable. The rooms are small. All four of us study in the kitchen because the rooms are only big enough for our bunk beds. The apartment is pretty far from my area. I have to travel 30 minutes on a Jeepney just to get to the boarder of my area so traveling takes up precious time; but it will all work out. I am still a bit unorganized and not fully unpacked but I’ll get there. On Tuesday night my companion and I traveled down to the office for training from President and the AP’s. That also took all of Wednesday as well. The training was really good and this coming week I will give a training to my zone of what I learned. It was mainly just about how we need to be prepared and be obedient and so on. On Thursday we were able to get a few lessons but I got really sick and we ended up going home an hour early. I think it was from something I ate while at the training. Some of the food here doesn’t really settle well with my stomach. On Friday we were able to have a normal day or studies and work, so that was nice. On Saturday we had an interview scheduled for one of our investigators for baptism then Noela and Katherine got baptized (great experience) and ended the day with a missionary fireside thing. The baptism went great and it is always the best days of a missionary. At the fireside the missionaries trained the ward missionaries how to teach lessons and so on. It ended up really well but it lasted forever so we weren’t able to teach any lessons on Saturday. On Sunday I had to give a talk on Sacrament meeting. I always get so nervous because my language isn’t quite the best. I talked about the importance of prayer. After the church meetings we went to a member’s house and I was able to talk to the mother for quite some time. She opened up with me about some of the challenges she was having at the moment. Let’s just say one of her kids didn’t make the best choice recently and she feels that as a mother it is partially her fault. As she was telling me this she was crying and then told me that as I gave my talk in sacrament meeting she felt she knew what she needed to do. She then thanked me and cried a bit more. It just goes to show even through my weaknesses I can make an impact. If I just put forth my best effort, even if it’s not perfect, the Lord will be there to strengthen me and carry the message to the hearts of the people.
Many experiences and blessings come as we are instruments in the Lord.
I miss you all so very much!! Mahal na mahal
Sister Jensen

About rachelejensen

Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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