23 June 2014

Kamusta family,

Maayong adlaw! This past week went by pretty fast and I had some pretty fun experiences. Rainy season is coming so it is starting to rain every morning and night. So far we’ve been lucky enough for it not to rain during proselyting hours. It’s been nice throughout the day because there will be a bit of wind, which is really nice. When there is no wind it is a bit harder to breath and a bit more miserable because of all the humidity. On Tuesday night it was pouring rain and I got pretty wet. On the way home there was so much traffic and we weren’t moving anywhere so we hoped off the jeepney and run part of the way home because we were running a bit late. I was just running in the rain with an umbrella in one hand and holding my bag in the other while running through puddles of rain past jeepneys. We got really wet but it was a good moment.
I went on exchanges with another sister. As an sister training leader, that is one of the things we do. I was able to be companions with sister Newton for a day. She was my companion for a little bit while I was in Kalibo. I got to go to her area which is now in the city and see more of the island which is something I always enjoy. Sister Newton is also my running partner. We go running every p-day and so we had a lot of fun on exchanges. Her area shocked me quite a bit. Her area is full of sub divisions. I’m not used to seeing so many homes and cars. It was really weird and I was a bit intimidated by it hahah. On Friday my district got together to do a service project at a home of a less-actives. We were digging a trench around their land so that their garden won’t flood as much. I got some blisters on my hands and my first sunburn here in the Philippines, but I enjoyed it. It’s nice to be out doing different forms of service.
Yesterday I attended a funeral. It was interesting… there was a lot of screaming/yelling involved from the wife and mother of the person that died. But it was a good reminder of the plan of salvation and to also just live life to the fullest, do things that you love and enjoy!
One thing that I’ve been studying throughout the mission is putting off the natural man and truly becoming a disciple of Christ and I came across a scripture that I love. D&C 88: 67-68. One step to put off the natural man is to purifying my heart and sanctifying who I am. As I was reflecting the past year on my mission I have realized more of the person I want to become and how to better serve my Heavenly Father through serving those around me. As we continue to draw near to Him and seeking Him diligently with our eyes single to the glory we can reach our full potential. We can put off the natural man. We can become and be prepared for the day when we see Him again.
I love and miss you all so very much!!
Love Sister Jensen



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