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28 July 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,
This past week was great.. we ended up going to a less-active’s house that lives way far in the middle of a rice field. Usually walking from the street to their house takes 20 minutes but due to the mud and other obstacles it took us over an hour to finally get there. It was really funny, at one point my companion had a small stick in one hand and she was using the stick to help her walk so she wouldn’t fall. The stick was probably only 1 1/2 feet tall so she was crouched way down, taking really small steps, and just trying to grab on other things to help her walk through the mud and not fall. It was a pretty funny image and quite an experience walking in mud that comes up all the way to mid-calf but it takes a lot of time. By the time we got to the house we were covered in mud up to our knees and we probable looked like a huge disaster, but at least we got to our appointment and it was a fun adventure getting there!
This past week I had an experience that made me so grateful for the family I was born and raised up in. We have a young woman, Anna Quiapo, that we are pretty close with… she works with us all the time and she is Elidia’s older sister. We went to go teach them last night and her step father was at the house very drunk. We entered into the house and the mom had just come home from work. She was tired and very hungry and she was irritated that her husband had taken money and gotten drunk…. leaving her and her kids without food and money. The parents started fighting in front of us and the mom grabbed a huge glass jug to hit him with it but then we stopped her and pushed the husband out the door. He tried to come back in and just started yelling but he was too drunk to do anything so he finally walked away. Anne just started crying and so I started to sing a hymn to help make everything better for the kids and eventually taught a lesson. The kids are so good though (there are 5 kids). I’m kinda grateful that we were there to help the situation and sing hymns to the kids. Thanks mom and dad for raising me in such a great and warm environment and always being able to provide for me, care for me, and love me.
Shane is doing great. She even comes to work with us sometimes and shares her testimony. She is going to start attending seminary with the friends that we have been able to help her make and yesterday we went with her to choir practice. She is getting very active in all the activities that the church offers and she is doing great… but there is a situation… she has word of wisdom problems so it’ll take time to fix that.
My strength is still coming back, still not able to exercise the way i used to yet.. can’t even do a push-up but I’ve been going back to the normal schedule.
So what I had.. .WARNING: ┬ámay contain information that you don’t want to know. haha just kidding. but here it is….very bad stomach ache and back pains like no other, rashes especially on my legs, bleeding in the mouth, headaches, no appetite so I was force fed (not literally but S. Aquino would make sure I would eat things and not leave until I ate it), urine is a different color, weak, dizziness, high fever, and I passed out a couple of times. The great thing was is that I didn’t have to get any blood transfusions… they were thinking that they would have to.
Love you all,
Sister Jensen

21 July 2014

Kamusta Family,

This past week I was able to work up to getting back to work and feeling like a missionary again which was great. Little by little my strength is coming back to me. I haven’t had enough strength to exercise in the mornings yet but I’m thinking this coming week I will be able to and then I can continue to get stronger. This past week I was able to give another training and it went well but after about 15 minutes I couldn’t stand up anymore so I cut my training short but other than that it went well. We also had interviews this past week and for the interview we have to bring our area book because the ap’s look through it. After the interview we went straight to work and somewhere along the way we lost our area book and didn’t notice until we were back at home. The next day we planned to find it but we didn’t. The day after that we were at one of our investigator’s house and it was there. She told us that she saw it on the side of the street. She noticed that when we had taught her earlier that we were carrying it so she knew it was ours. We were so grateful that she found it and that we were able to get it back. We must have left it when we had sat down for me to rest for a bit. On Thursday our area was totally flooded. The water came up just below my knees and we where walking through it as we went from appointment to appointment. It was a bit challenging having to walk in water, it took a lot of energy, but we were able to get work done and it was a fun experience. The flooding is very common in the cities so people are very used to it. It didn’t affect any homes because the houses are up on stilts… and it is normal so they know where the level is. Yesterday instead of water, the flood was gone so we were trudging through mud. We went most of the day barefoot because it’s easier and safer to walk through mud without shoes. We got pretty dirty but it was fun and the mud felt good on my feet. I was so grateful that it wasn’t raining as we were walking through the mud.
We have a progressing investigator her name is Shane and she is 14 years old. She has cousins that are members and that have served missions and everything so she knows a bit about the church. Her dad was really close to getting baptized but he didn’t because of work. When we teach her, her mom listens and participates but she doesn’t want to commit to anything at the moment but at least she is listening and supporting her daughter. Shane went to church yesterday with us for the first time and she really enjoyed it. Her house is really close to the church so we just went to her house and we all walked over to church together so that she wouldn’t be shy. We also brought her two younger sisters who are 11 and 8.
We’ve also been teaching another little girl and her mom. They are a part-member family, the little girl’s name is Elidia (pronounced Elijah) and this family is probably my favorite family that we teach here in Leganes. They are struggling a lot right now financially but they will be able to work everything out. We went and taught the family on Wednesday and as the mother was talking to us she was saying how she needs to find a job because the one she has isn’t enough. She was crying as she told us this and we simply told her that she needs to pray (the mother isn’t a member). We came back two days later and the mother was crying and saying how she did what we said and she was able to find another job! The bad thing though is that she is still working on Sundays and can’t make it to church. But her kids continue to come to church and have many friends there.
I love and miss you all so very much!
Sister Jensen

14 July 2014

For the past couple of weeks Rachel has been stricken with a case of Dengue Fever. It is a tropical viral disease spread by mosquitoes that left her very week. She was in the hospital for 5 days and has spent many other days in bed.
This post is a brief update on her current situation.
Kamusta Family,
I am now back in my apartment!! I was able to go to church yesterday and teach a lesson and I’m hoping to soon get back into full swing this coming week. I am still pretty weak but I’m sure I’ll regain my strength fast. I’m eating a lot and more often to help and I’m still on some medication but it’s all good. It was really challenging and for the past week there has been a huge battle going on inside myself but the battle is over and I am getting better amat-amat and I’m ready to work.
I received your package… it came at the perfect time! I loved it, thank you. The granola bars are perfect especially now since I need to be eating more often throughout the day and those are easy to carry.
love you all so very much,
Sister Jensen