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25 August 2014

This past week was full of challenges but it was a great week of lots of learning and laughs. Some of the challenges that came our way this past week is I lost my scriptures and my memory card, accidentally stepped in dog poop, my companion lost her planner, she also got really bad blisters on her feet and they are swollen really bad (we will be going to the doctors to check up on it) She has to limp everywhere and it just keeps on getting worse and worse but we endured and despite these challenges we were able to have a good week and stay focused while we were in lessons and receive miracles in our area. Shane is doing great and is staying away from her temptations relative to the word of wisdom. She received a blessing yesterday after church just to continue to give her that extra strength to endure and be that example for her family. Later tonight we will have an FHE with her and her family and we are hoping that her parents will start following the example of Shane. We continue to gain strong relationships with the members and I am just loving my time in Leganes. I was able to see Sister Paz again yesterday. She came to visit her daughter again and I was able to hug her and know that she continues to live the gospel. A miracle that happened is that I was able to receive my scriptures back to me that also contained my memory card from a random guy. I don’t know how he ended up getting my scriptures but he had them and was able to give them back to me. I was SO happy to get them back because I really treasure my mission scriptures. I’ve been marking them up pretty well and I have read the entire Bible with these scriptures and really studied them. When they were gone I felt like I had lost a best friend.. a friend that couldn’t be replaced so I was soooo happy to get them back. It was an answer to my prayers and the promise in 3 Nephi 18:20 is so true. I know that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers
I love and miss you all.
Sister Jensen


18 August 2014

Kamusta Family,
You are right, I got a new companion and she is just the best!! Her name is Sister Viliami and she is from New Zealand. She has such a strong testimony and just gets missionary work. I am so excited to work along side her and learn from her. She has that New Zealand accent which is cool and she is my first companion that loves sports and exercising and just working hard. We are so pumped up for this coming transfer to work together and change Leganes for the better. We are changing up our game plan which is helping us stretch ourselves and really focus on the needs of our investigators and area. I am growing with my new companion and learning so much from her. As we work together I see the spirit work through her… work through us. I have seen that as I challenge my limits I see myself change and grow more. I have seen that greatness has no limits and so it is important to make everyday better than the day before and one way to do that is by doing something different. I am seeing that within a challenge is change so if we aren’t challenging ourselves we wont change, we wont progress, we wont become.
Shane is struggling with the word of wisdom, just this past week she smoked again but we knew it would be a challenging process. We are taking more action to find ways that will help her with her addictions. The Quiapo family is improving. Nanay Quiapo’s heart is changing and her desires and standards are more in line with the gospel. She isn’t married but the other day in the lesson she told us how she wants to get married and strengthen her family by living the gospel. This was before we told her that she had to get married before she could get baptized.
One Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I didn’t have a companion so on Tuesday I got a member to work with me. because our apartment is so far away from our area I got permission to ride back home on the jeepney alone and meet the other sisters at the apartment. It was my first time ever being alone in the Philippines and as a missionary. It was an interesting experience but I don’t want to do it again as a missionary. The whole jeepney ride felt pretty weird so i just went home as fast as i could.
The weather has actually been pretty hot and dry… I feel like the rainy season hasn’t even come yet. Usually it is raining all day every day at this time of year.
It was exciting to hear about the wedding and see a few pictures. the pictures of Ariel didn’t come up very clear but it looked great. I can tell she is happy.. and I am very happy for her.
Sister Jensen

11 August 2014


This week was great, the rain is letting up which is surprising and the days have been quite nice… not too hot at all. This week was a pretty normal week, I got to do exchanges this past week in another area with Sister Walton who was with me at the mtc so it was fun to work with her and see how much more we know since the mtc. I got to see their area which is even more city than my area. It is more crazy with a lot more people and there is always someone to talk to. I had fun working with her and seeing more of the Philippines. Shane is still doing great and sometimes even tags along with us to other lessons. Elidia and her family are struggling a lot right now with money. They have a really tough situation right now and they will probably be moving. But Nay (the mother) came to church for the first time yesterday and when she went back home after church she found a bag of rice on the front of her door. What a miracle and blessing!!!! the church is true… keep the sabbath day holy.. go to church. blessings do come.
Laurel, Abby, and Julia I hope you don’t catch dengue from all the mosquito bites you got while you were at girls camp haha 🙂  What did you learn and do at girls camp? I want to hear more about it.
I no longer have a companion, she is going home. I won’t have a companion until Thursday. I am doing great. I am excited for this coming transfer.

I’m excited for Ariel’s wedding and everything. Have fun!!Ttell me all about it and send pictures.
Love and miss you all.
Thanks for your prayers.
Sister Jensen

4 August 2014








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Sister Jensen and Sister Dotillos

Sister Jensen and Sister Dotillos


We received some photos via email from Rachel today, but not an email with any text. I think she may have forgot to send it, thinking it was sent with the e-mails that had the photo attachments. These photographs are the first I have posted since January 2014 so they cover things from the last few months. I don;t know if any of them were taken after her bout with the Deng Gue