18 August 2014

Kamusta Family,
You are right, I got a new companion and she is just the best!! Her name is Sister Viliami and she is from New Zealand. She has such a strong testimony and just gets missionary work. I am so excited to work along side her and learn from her. She has that New Zealand accent which is cool and she is my first companion that loves sports and exercising and just working hard. We are so pumped up for this coming transfer to work together and change Leganes for the better. We are changing up our game plan which is helping us stretch ourselves and really focus on the needs of our investigators and area. I am growing with my new companion and learning so much from her. As we work together I see the spirit work through her… work through us. I have seen that as I challenge my limits I see myself change and grow more. I have seen that greatness has no limits and so it is important to make everyday better than the day before and one way to do that is by doing something different. I am seeing that within a challenge is change so if we aren’t challenging ourselves we wont change, we wont progress, we wont become.
Shane is struggling with the word of wisdom, just this past week she smoked again but we knew it would be a challenging process. We are taking more action to find ways that will help her with her addictions. The Quiapo family is improving. Nanay Quiapo’s heart is changing and her desires and standards are more in line with the gospel. She isn’t married but the other day in the lesson she told us how she wants to get married and strengthen her family by living the gospel. This was before we told her that she had to get married before she could get baptized.
One Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I didn’t have a companion so on Tuesday I got a member to work with me. because our apartment is so far away from our area I got permission to ride back home on the jeepney alone and meet the other sisters at the apartment. It was my first time ever being alone in the Philippines and as a missionary. It was an interesting experience but I don’t want to do it again as a missionary. The whole jeepney ride felt pretty weird so i just went home as fast as i could.
The weather has actually been pretty hot and dry… I feel like the rainy season hasn’t even come yet. Usually it is raining all day every day at this time of year.
It was exciting to hear about the wedding and see a few pictures. the pictures of Ariel didn’t come up very clear but it looked great. I can tell she is happy.. and I am very happy for her.
Sister Jensen


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