8 September 2014

Kamusta Family,
This past week was busy, full of meetings and some conferences. I ended up being out of my area for a total of 3 days not including p-day so we were only able to work over the weekend. I always love attending meetings and conferences because it’s nice to be taught and not doing all the teaching. but being so busy it didn’t allow a lot of time for personal study. On Saturday we did a service project with Shane’s family. We went to a rice field that her dad works at and we planted rice. It was a simple process and you get VERY muddy during it. You’re standing basically in a watery mud pool and then placing the rice in the mud. your legs and arms get covered in mud in the process but it was fun to get a bit dirty and serving shane’s family. Her parents are accepting us more and are participating more in the lessons. We are starting to focus more on them especially since Shane has been taught all the lessons. Our finding efforts haven’t shown much success but we still stay busy and we are finding some success working with less active families we teach. One of whom is Jose Porras. He is from a part member family and was baptized 5 years ago. he is now 18 and he knows so much about the gospel. He has made it to church the past three times and has even started bringing his friend to church who we will start teaching. Yesterday during testimony meeting he got up and bore his testimony. It was very powerful and he talked about some challenges in his life and how the gospel has helped him. Jose is doing really good and has a strong desire to serve a mission so we are helping him prepare for that.
I am now in my final 100 days left on my mission!!! Today is day 100!! Isn’t that something?!
love you all
Sister Jensen

About rachelejensen

Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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