1 September 2014


Merry Christmas!!!! It is the start of September which shoots off the Christmas spirit here in the Philippines! With August now complete and heading into the BER months I am realizing how close the end is coming and that one day I will be forced on a plane to leave the Philippines and to come home. It still feels like it will never happen/ still is a long ways but despite the situation I will continue to work hard and enjoy serving my mission here in the Philippines. I have come to truly love the people here.

Shane continues to do great. She hasn’t given in to temptations regarding the word of wisdom and has even stopped hanging out with her friends that do smoke and drink. She also has her family do family prayer every night and we have been focusing more on the family lately. Shane is making huge changes in her life and I can see how important the gospel is to her and her desire to change and become a better person. Yesterday we had ward conference and the choir sang a few pieces. Shane also joined the choir and it was nice seeing her be a part of church activities. Her dad also has word of wisdom problems that we will have to work on, and both of her parents are always working on Sundays but we continue to pray, fast, and teach them. Her parents are really noticing the great change in Shane and want to know for themselves as well. Teaching Shane and seeing her change has been the greatest blessing as I have been here in Leganes. As I have served her and watched her it has truly humbled me and made me grateful for the truthfulness of the gospel. 

I love you all so much. I hope Grandpa Koutz is getting better. i’m praying for him as well as all of you!


Sister Jensen


About rachelejensen

Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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