15 September 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

This past week was busy and full of miracles as usual. We had a stake conference and it was exciting and there were great messages prepared. My mission president and his wife always speak at each stake conference so I was able to see them again. Shane passed her baptismal interview and she will be baptized this coming week!! I’m so excited. We have been working with her family but her parents just can’t find the time to come to church. The dad reads from the Book of Mormon everyday and they pray as a family as well. Sister Viliami and I continue to pray for a miracle so that the parents can find the time to come to church. When the dad was younger, he had the missionary lessons and was going to church but he just never got baptized. He told us that as we have been teaching them, this is the first time where he really has the desire to be baptized. We told him that the time is now and then he told us to come back in two years… then he’ll get baptized. He is a bit worried about some of the things he does and knows he has to give up..such as  coffee.. and knows it will take time.. but we will keep on helping him and pushing him for a time sooner than two years.
Jose Porras, a less active member who is about 19 years old, has returned and we are so happy for him. He wants to be all in and really wants to start preparing to go on a mission. He already knows so much about the gospel and he is doing so great, so the preparation shouldn’t take too long. We just wish his family was following his example as well. His family is a part-member family and we really want to see all of them coming to church.
Yesterday we did some tracting, and for the first time ever on my entire mission I was able to teach a complete family… all at the same time. It is a family of 5 and all three of the kids are in high school so they could really help the ward out. Sister Viliami and I were a bit too excited in our first lesson with them so we kinda taught them a little bit of everything which confused them but we will get more in control and focus on principles and clear things up with them in the next lesson.
Another investigator I am really excited about is Rosalie and her sister Karisa. When we first “tag balay”ed their house and asked if we could share a message with her she said “no”. But we have taught her about three times now and her testimony is struggling with having a living prophet today and she was asking us how Heavenly Father answers prayers and what it feels like for us so she can understand if she knows that President Thomas S. Monson is the living and true prophet today. I just wish I could give her a Book of Mormon to help her with her testimony.The problem we have been having is that for the past month or so our mission has been out of copies of the Book of Mormon so we haven’t been able to hand any out to our investigators… its been a bit rough since all we are doing is finding and everyone we are teaching right now needs a Book of Mormon but we have been working with the situation and miracles continue to happen. We should be getting the order very soon so that’ll be exciting.
I continue to feel the Savior close beside me and I see how he blesses my life each day as well as the days of others. I hope and pray that you recognize it daily in your life as well. I am grateful for the challenges that I have been given to me because those are the times where I feel the love of my Savior so close to me, leading and guiding me.
I love you all so much. Palangga ta kamo
Sister Jensen

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