29 September 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

After four months of working in the vineyard of Leganes I have been transferred even closer to the mission office to a city called Oton. I am no longer a Sister Training Leader so I don’t have to give trainings and conduct exchanges and travel as much anymore… but I am opening an area again and training at the same time. My bata (child) is Sister Baui and she is the absolute best! She is Filipina and I love her so much. Because she is a new missionary she doesn’t know ilonggo yet so I am remembering my Tagalog again which is great. I love training, within the past few days I have been reflecting back on the beginning of my mission and have noticed how much I have learned. Everything that is happening right now is an answer to my prayers. I will end my mission as a trainer and will end it working hard.
Oton is beautiful and I am working in a branch again. There are really 300 members here in Oton but only so few come to church that it is still a branch. The branch is so active in missionary work though, which is nice and they have helped me and my companion know our area a bit. I am still not exactly sure about where the boundaries are but we have been able to know where quite a few members live and found some investigators that the past missionaries were teaching. There are a few problems that we will have to rectify, but once it all is fixed we will find a routine and continue with the work.
I am a living witness that the blessings do come.
Sister Jensen

About rachelejensen

Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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