13 October 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

This past week was pretty interesting. We have been having some pretty heavy rains and strong winds and on Friday we didn’t even go out to work part of the day due to the weather. My area is a bit flooded due to all the rain but we are able to work through it and it isn’t as bad now as it was the past few days.
I wasn’t able to watch all the sessions of General Conference because something was wrong with my companion so we went back to the apartment, but from what I was able to watch I was able to receive answers, feel the spirit, and know that Heavenly Father loves me.
We continue to teach the Tongkua family and the other day we taught them the Plan of Salvation and extended a baptismal date to them. They responded positively but saying they will think about it. They know that we are different from other religions and want to continue to learn and know before they accept.
As for right now we are teaching a 16 year old girl, Jade. She was a referral from the branch and she is doing great. We will have to be a little bit slower with the lessons due to her strong background of being catholic and so what she knows from before and what we are teaching her is making her a bit confused. She has a huge desire though and has accepted a date for this coming November.
We have another investigator that also accepted a baptismal date for November as well. Her name is Lucy Gener. She has great faith and has a strong testimony of prayer. She continues to pray everyday with us to be prepared for her baptism. Her husband was baptized before a few years ago but according to what I am understanding he will need to be baptized again because he was never confirmed.
This past week we set a zone goal for the week to find a new family and give the father a Book of Mormon. The Lord greatly blessed us in accomplishing this goal this past week. Sister Baui and I were just walking around our area and then I choose a house after a while and say “tag balay” and it was a father who opend the door and let us in. The next thing we know he is gathering his family so we can teach them. Hopefully this family, the Malinao familiy, will continue to progress. The mother seemed a bit tiga (hard) but it’s all good.
I continue to see so many blessings and I’m grateful for the hand of the Lord in my life.
I love and miss you all and I pray for you always.
Sister Jensen

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Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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