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24 November 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,


This past week was was great and finally after many weeks of not having any investigators come to church we had some. Nanay Tongua was able to come to church as well as Liezl. We were also blessed to have a less-active family come to church too. There were many blessings yesterday. Liezl continues to really progress and she told us that she is seriously thinking about switching religions. Our last lesson with her was helping her know how to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost and the importance to act on the impressions that she is given. She seemed to really enjoy her first time at church and she was well fellowshipped. Hopefully next week her mom will also attend church with her.
I have come to a greater understanding of how great, simple and perfect the gospel of Jesus Christ is. As I serve my Heavenly Father I have been able to feel His love around me and recognize the blessings that He constantly and abundantly gives me. I know that one can only obtain true happiness through fully surrendering themselves to God and living according to the commandments and gospel. This gospel is true and it has become so much a part of my life that I would never want my life to be without this great gospel. I am grateful for every challenge, disappointment, heartache, trial, and temptation that I experienced because it gave me the opportunity to apply the teachings of Jesus in my life, to change, and to become more like Him. I am grateful for my Savior, He is my Redeemer and I will continue to rejoice in Him, preach of Him, and strive to become more like Him.
I love and miss you all and it sounds like you are all staying busy with school and work but still enjoying what life has to offer.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!
Love you all!!
Sister Jensen

17 November 2014

Kamusta Family,

I am so grateful to hear all is great.. it was interesting to hear that the first and seventh ward combined to do the primary program. That is pretty cool and I am sure it was a big hit. Yesterday in the branch was also the primary program but since there are so few of them in the branch they just sang some primary songs and one kid got up and recited a scripture and that was it. Then the rest of the meeting was two speakers, so it seemed like a pretty normal sacrament meeting. The Tongua famiy still hasn’t made it to church which is so frustrating. The Malinao family continues to show some interest and the mother continues to ask us questions and show deep interest. One of the most exciting investigators that I am teaching at the moment is Sister Lisel and her mother Emily. Whenever we teach them they have many questions and have great interest in our beliefs. They always are grateful for the truth that we share with them and they have noticed a change in their lives as we have taught them. Yesterday we showed them a Liahona and Lisel was very interested in it and asked if she could have it and she then shared with us that she hopes that one day she gets the opportunity to come on a mission. Lisel is so awesome and she even shares with her friends what she learns from us and it sounds like throughout her entire life that she has had a deep desire to know more about God. I am very excited for all of them to continue to come closer and in all of them there is so much potential. In the mean time we continue to lay the foundation in the area for people to accept this great gospel and come unto Christ by waters of baptism.
It is such a great opportunity to be a part of this great and marvelous work especially among such people. I love the Philippines and it has opened my eyes to all the many blessings that I have and coming to a better understanding of Jesus Christ.
I love and pray for you always,
Sister Jensen

11 November 2014

Kamusta Pamilya,

This past week went pretty fast and was filled with events. It is the beginning of another transfer and as crazy as it sounds it is my last transfer as a missionary here in the Philippines! I am still in Oton and it turns out that I am training again. My new companion´s name is Sister Pelonia and she is from Northern Semar. She speaks a different dialect called Waray-waray and knows a little bit of English, but she is so humble. It is sometimes funny when she is speaking and I see two filipinas talking to each other but I am the one who has to do the translating. Anyways I love her so much and I am so excited to be with her. She keeps me focused on the work and is helping my language skills improve. I love training her and I know that she will be a great missionary.
We found a new investigator, her name is Lisel Tauro. She is amazing and our first lesson with her was the Plan of Salvation. She seemed really interested in what we had to say and had many questions. I love teaching lessons when the investigators ask questions because it gets you thinking and you know that they are involved. She had some deep questions but I was able to give her very simple and clear answers that kept us focused on the importance of our message and purpose. She is very involved in her catholic church but she seemed to like us a lot and really wants us to come back again. We also started teaching another girl named Bibi Detaro and she is a cousin to one of our recent converts. She is very interested but doesn’t want to get baptized until after she gives birth which will be within the next few weeks. The Tongkua family is doing ok, we haven’t been able to teach the father for a while and they have been kinda shy and then busy to come to church but the mother told me on Sunday that she promises that they will go to church this coming Sunday. We also found another family while tracting the other day, the Malinao family. We just “tag-balay”ed and the father let us in. We mentioned how we wanted to share a message about Christ and then he immediately gathered his entire family, his wife and three kids, to listen to the message. The father told us that this coming Sunday they will try to come to church, and this was before we asked him to. It was pretty cool. So we are starting to have some pretty good investigators but for the past few weeks we haven’t had any at church so hopefully these investigators will start progressing by coming to church and preparing more fully for baptism.
I am e’mailing late because yesterday I had to be in Manila. All the missionaries that are going home in December that are foreigners had to fly to Manila to take care of some fingerprinting and other visa requirements. It was a very long day but it was fun. We started by waking up at 3 to go to the airport. We waited there for 2 hours then had a 1 hour airplane ride to Manila. We then met a guy that took us to the immigration place to fill out papers and take pictures and do some fingerprinting. To get everyone done took 3 hours. Since our flight wasn’t until the evening we were able to go to the Mall of Asia (MOA)! The MOA is the largest mall in Asia and it was sooooooo nice. This mall had everything and it was just so crazy to be inside and walking around it. Inside there is an ice skating rink, bowling, blowup jumping things, tons of shops that are in America such as Forever21, and a bunch of other really nice stores, they also had a Subway, a Wendy’s and other American restaurants. In short it was very large and so crazy to see all that kind of stuff again since I’ve been away from it for so long. Since we only had a short time there I ended up getting a subway sandwich and then got a krispe kreme doughnut and then went to coldstone and got some icecream!!!! I just realized that it doesn’t sound like much to you but I haven’t had any of these things in such a long time… it was so crazy to see and to taste it again!!! It was cool because when they gave us the ice cream they would throw the bowl to you and you have to catch it. After going to the mall it was time for us to go back to the airport. We waited there for four hours before our flight and then arrived back here at night time. It was a very long process with a lot of sitting and waiting but it was also pretty fun and an eye opener to what America is going to feel like! It is so weird. It was weird to be on a plane and know that the next time I get on one, which will be very soon, will be to go home.
I love you all and miss you so much. I think that you are just the best family everrr! Thank you for everything
Sister Jensen

3 November 2014

Kamusta Family,

This past week was great, I enjoyed working with the part time missionary and she will continue to be my companion until this Thursday when I get my new companion. Working with the short-term missionary was fun. She is always happy and she is not too hard to work with. She is 18 years old and she loves to sing, so she sings a lot of Disney songs and talks about the movie “frozen” all the time. I guess she is just preparing me to come home. haha.
Due to “All Saints Day” it was pretty hard to get some lessons in and investigators to church because everyone goes to the cemetery and have their traditions for the holidays and don’t like to be disturbed. Right now, I will have to do a lot of finding… a lot of the Less Actives just aren’t willing to listen to us at the moment and we haven’t had any success through contacting them, but of course we will continue. I continue to love my area and i’m excited for the coming miracles that will take place as I continue to exercise faith and put forth my effort in the work.
On Saturday we ended up going to the cemetery for a little bit since that is where all the people were and we passed out the “Plan of Salvation” pamphlets or the “Proclamation to the World on the Family” with our names and numbers. We have yet to see if we will get any success from that.
This past week just went by so fast and I’m sure the coming weeks will just continue to fly by.
I love you all and pray for you always!
enjoy the joy,
Sister Jensen