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17 December 2013

Kamusta Pamilya,

May koriente na kami! Pero minsan lang! We now have power!  but it is way better to have some power some days rather having completely none. It is now easier to charge our phones when we need to and can listen to some music again which is nice. There still is no guarantee that we always have power which is why I wasn’t able to email yesterday.

Sad to say I never found my wallet but it is all working out ok. I am not exactly sure how it happened but that day we were out in the market around lots of people so it must’ve happened then, but i’m not sure. 

On Christmas I will have another two baptisms! They are two kids of the Delacruz family. We were able to start teaching them because of the great blessing of Typhoon Yolanda. The mother is a less-active member but is coming back to church again and is bringing her kids with her. Her husband still isn’t a member nor does he want to hear our lessons yet but he is finally allowing the kids to be baptized.
Edalin is amazing, when we followed up with her prayer about Joseph Smith she shared with us that when she prayed she basically had a vision and saw, to an extent, the first vision… of Joseph Smith seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
We are teaching another family and four kids will be baptized in January. The parents are both members but were less active and haven’t come to church in over ten years so they now have 4 kids that are now of age to be baptized. We have been teaching them and they are great, I love teaching kids and so far that is where all my success has come from.. baptizing kids from part-member/ less-active families.

I can’t stress how important it is for members of the church to continue to reach out to others, especially to those who have strayed away from the church for one reason or another. It is part of our calling to perfect the saints, help carry their burdens and support them in their trials. We are also called to preach the gospel. Continue to be missionaries at home and help in any way you can. Even the little things make such a big difference.

Love you all

Sister Jensen


19 November 2013

No contact with Rachel this week. That tells me she is staying in her area of Kalibo, and that there is still no electricity. I suppose that if Rachel was given the option of going back to Kalibo, or going to Iloilo or some other location which was not hit a hard by the typhoon, that she would have been anxious to get back to Kalibo, knowing that she would be living without electricity for some time. I am sure that resources are spread thin, but expect that the resources and organization of the church put her in a better situation than most of the Filipino people.
We continue to pray for all of them.

Keith Jensen

13 November 2013

We were able to have a brief telephone conversation with Rachel on Wednesday. She remained in the town of Kalibo during the Typhoon. Her apartment is a concrete structure that survived well with only minor flooding. However, she said that most of the homes in her area are “just gone”. She has been in Iloilo City the last couple of days, which is on the south end of the island of Panay and sustained much less damage. She will be able to return to Kalibo on Thursday, although they do not expect to have electricity for another week or so. That may mean the e-mail contact may not happen for a while. Rachel is a hardy, resilient individual, and is enjoying the experience and the chance to serve.
Thanks for your love, prayers and support.

Keith Jensen